Archaeology: Biblical Ally or Adversary?

Publish Date: 2004 | Volume: 27 | Issue: 02


04 From the Editor
Being Useful while Being User-Friendly

05 Response
A Graphic Redemption… Why Should I believe in Hell?

06 News Watch
Trouble Brewing in Controversial Polygamist Group…Vatican Releases Document on the New Age Movement…News Update

10 Effective Evangelism
The Power of Questions

12 Archaeology — Biblical Ally or Adversary?
by Paul L. Maier
General Apologetics: In recent years some have claimed that the historical events recorded in the Old Testament are not supported by archaeological evidence. Are they correct, or are they trying to revise history?

22 Is Jesus the Only Savior? The Answer to Religious Pluralism
by Ronald H. Nash
Doctrinal Discernment: What is the place of Jesus in salvation? Pluralists answer that there are many paths to God and salvation, but the arguments they put forth create a number of fatal problems for their view.

32 Greatness and Wretchedness: The Usefulness of Pascal’s Anthropological Argument in Apologetics
by Robert Velarde
Philosophical Apologetics: History is replete with acts both of human greatness and of human wretchedness. Christian philosopher Blaise Pascal saw in this undeniable fact a persuasive argument for the truth of Christianity.

44 Reviews
A Summary Critique: A Summary Critique: Counting the Spoons in Evolutionary Biology…Trusting God in Terrible Times…Should America Wage War?

50 Practical Hermeneutics
Who is Wisdom in Proverbs 8?

52 Viewpoint
Same-Sex Marriage in Perspective

54 Ask Hank
Has The Da Vinci Code Undermined Christianity?