Letter From Hank

Hank HanegraaffJuly 2017

Dear CRI Partner:

I wish I could say we are winning the war.

But everywhere I turn, the facts indicate otherwise.

That simple truth underscores the importance of believers like you. Believers who aren’t going to turn and run just because the going gets tough.

I know that few people have the time or inclination to monitor all the forces that are arrayed against truth these days. There’s just too much happening too quickly to draw a clear picture of what’s really going on.

That’s one of the reasons why CRI’s outreaches – made possible by partners like you – grow more critical with each passing day.

But before I share two resources that I think you and other thinking Christians should have in order to be well armed in a key battle for life and truth, let me share a metaphor that sobers me more with each passing day.

Imagine a tall oak tree that has stood for ages. Further imagine that this stately tree stands for biblical truth. Although it looks fine to the passing observer, what isn’t apparent is that the trunk has been hollowed out and the root structure dangerously compromised.

Now imagine that a storm is coming. Not just an ordinary storm but “the perfect storm” – one combining an unprecedented collision of weather systems generating winds with forces never before seen. 

          I’ll now unpack what this haunting metaphor means to me. And why the importance of our work together will be greatly magnified in the midst of this storm.

The hollowing of the trunk and the weakening of the trees roots have not happened over night. But its causes include:

  • a soggy theological liberalism that has gutted the Word of God of its power;
  • a moralistic therapeutic deism (MTD) that has made God a cosmic bellhop who exists to meet our needs and make us feel better about ourselves;
  • a pernicious prosperity gospel that denies the notion of picking up our crosses to follow Christ and instead makes God’s Word a magical scheme for health and wealth;
  • the rampant growth of “seeker friendly” churches that are sadly little more than secular entertainment centers and reflect little more than a “baptized secularism”;
  • the passing of the generation most responsible for the spiritual and financial health of today’s churches, with a corresponding decrease in the resources critically needed for fulfilling the mission of the church;
  • the mass defection of a younger generation from the church, sapping the “next wave” that has continuously brought revitalization to the church.

While the list could go on, you get the point.

Now, let’s consider the converging and menacing weather systems – the perfect storm – that would threaten even the healthiest of trees:

  • Postmodernism – including the belief that all truths are merely human constructions, and that all metanarratives should be treated with suspicion, if not contempt, for their supposed historic oppression;
  • Relativism – the widely held belief that all knowledge, truth, and value exist only in relation to historical context and are never absolute;
  • Scientism – the conviction that only science and the scientific method can yield reliable knowledge, and the corollary belief that religion is little more than superstitious myths that are vestiges from a more primitive stage in our evolution as a species;
  • Materialism (philosophical naturalism) – the belief, held by most scientists, that matter is all that has ever existed and all that will ever exist, and that belief in the supernatural is a persistent and pernicious delusion;
  • Secular humanism – that humans, not God, are the measure of all things; it rejects religious dogma, supernaturalism, and superstition as the bases of morality and decision making;
  • Hedonism – the belief that pleasure is the highest good in life, and that since we “only go around once,” we need to “grab for all the gusto” we can;
  • Darwinism – the belief (dominating all secular colleges and universities today and most of the scientific community) that humans are merely the accidental results of a blind and unguided evolution of matter.

While this list too could go on, a moment’s reflection would cause us to recognize that these are very powerful forces individually, and tremendously powerful collectively. And the tragedy is this:


That’s why CRI is committed to providing you and other serious Christians with the resources needed to stand against the assaults on biblical truth. This month, I want to tackle the last threat listed above: Darwinism.

While the enclosed sheet speaks to these two key resources – Darwin’s House of Cards and the DVD Revolutionary – let me say just this much here:

In Darwin’s House of Cards, written by veteran journalist Tom Bethell, Darwin’s theory is depicted as “a nineteenth century idea past is prime, propped up by logical fallacies, bogus claims, and empirical evidence that is all but disintegrating under an onslaught of new scientific discoveries.”

As he writes in the opening chapter,

Darwinism was once a well-fortified castle, with elaborate towers, moats, and battlements. It remained in that condition for well over 100 years – from the publication of The Origin of Species in 1859 to the Darwin Centennial and then for perhaps three decades after that. Today, however, it more closely resembles a house of cards, built out of flimsy icons rather than hard evidence, and liable to blow away in the slightest breeze. 

And Bethell isn’t the only one to point out the glaring deficiencies in Darwin’s theory that are now being brought to light.

In a brilliantly produced DVD from the Discovery Institute, Revolutionary, Michael Behe, a distinguished biochemist and recognized leader in the field of Intelligent Design, pokes serious holes in Darwinism with trailblazing insights into “irreducible complexity.” (In a nutshell, irreducible complexity is the argument that successive small modifications to pre-existing functional systems through natural selection are incapable of producing the mind-numbing complexity we see in living organisms.) 

Please remember that equipping fellow believers with these types of resources is essential to more than just the outcome of the philosophical, ideological, and cultural battles underway. The outcome of these battles will in fact shape the very fabric of civilization for generations to come.

I sincerely hope that you’ll take advantage of these resources. Either for yourself or as a gift to:

1)      someone striving to defend the faith in an environment dominated by Darwinian dogma, or, 

2)      someone wrestling with Darwinian beliefs that stand in their way of seriously considering the Christian faith.

Although we’re not going to reduce today’s growing assaults against Christian faith and values, what we can do is equip ourselves and fellow believers to effectively stand against these fatal fictions.

Toward that end, CRI is working aggressively to build a growing arsenal of digital and social media platforms to counter these assaults.  

From new podcasts and vlogs (video blogs) to live broadcasts on Facebook, we are redoubling our efforts to equip believers to “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope you have…with gentleness and respect” (1 Pet. 3:15).

In addition to placing a nonstop stream of top-quality apologetics content at the fingertips of serious Christians like you through the Internet and smart devices, we’re reaching new and younger audiences who urgently need sound answers to the intellectually and philosophically lame but still strident demands of those hostile to faith and traditional morality.

As always, please accept my undying gratitude for the difference your prayerful giving and support makes every hour of every day at CRI.

I’m confident that only in heaven will we know the full fruits of our labors together.

Until then, may God bless and fortify us all in the critical days ahead!


Because Life and Truth matter…


P.S. As I’ve said repeatedly, our clarion call to Christians everywhere is to wake up, stand up, and speak up on the unprecedented threats not only to truth but also to our fundamental religious freedoms. I’m mindful every day that there is not a single outreach at CRI that would be possible without the partnership of friends like you!


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