Letter From Hank

Hank HanegraaffMay 2017

Dear CRI Partner:

We’re in the fight of our lives.

And unless a lot more Christians wake up and soberly grasp what’s at stake, the future isn’t going to be pretty.

That’s why your partnership remains so vital. Because you’re one of the few who really gets it.

But before I tell you about a key resource I want you to have that can make a difference in equipping you and other Christians in the battle for life and truth, let me very briefly set the stage.

Peter Drucker, the father of modern management and one of the great thinkers of the twentieth century, made an observation that all of us need to ponder:

Every few hundred years throughout Western history, a sharp transformation has occurred. In a matter of decades, society altogether rearranges itself its world view, its basic values, its social and political structure, its arts, its key institutions. Fifty years later a new world exists. And the people born into that world cannot even imagine the world in which their grandparents lived and into which their own parents were born. Our age is such a period of transformation.

What is the relevance of this radical transformation to Christians?

While a comprehensive answer could fill volumes, I’ll quickly get to my critical point:

Christian faith doesn’t make sense to millions of people raised in a secular world.

What’s worse, we’re losing millions of younger Christians because they haven’t been equipped to make sense of their faith in a world increasingly hostile to Christianity.

Why? Because they grow up in Christian homes where faith is just a given. Something merely assumed to be true. Most have never critically examined the reasons for their faith and perhaps sadly never even saw the need to. The truth be told, their faith may have been little more than fluff and sentimentality at the core, but it held up as long as it was never seriously challenged.

Then, typically at secular colleges and universities, they encounter the withering philosophical fire of increasingly hostile atheistic professors. Utterly unprepared to deal with even the most basic questions about the faith they claim to embrace, they melt like snowflakes in a blast furnace.

The results?

Many simply abandon their faith because
under the glaring scrutiny of unfamiliar questions and arguments,
they discover they’ve brought small rubber knives to a very serious gunfight

And there, perhaps, is the greatest tragedy of all: they naively surrender Truth to flimsy and ultimately lame arguments simply because they didn’t have the kind of faith that can survive their own doubts as well as the hard questions of unbelievers.

In short, they lack what J. Warner Wallace calls forensic faith.

Take note of his background. Jim Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective and former committed atheist. He understands acutely that in the minds of many people, Christianity is now on trial just as some of his cold-case murder suspects are.

He knows that if you can’t present sufficient evidence for what you believe — along with compelling arguments — how you feel about your faith is irrelevant and fruitless to a world we’re called to reach.

Because much of CRI’s mission consists of equipping Christians with what Wallace calls forensic faith, his book Forensic Faith: A Homicide Detective Makes the Case for a More Reasonable, Evidential Christian Faith is a flat-out winner. It’s a valuable and practical resource for every Christian who wants to know that his or her faith makes sense and who wants to engage with seekers and skeptics based on the solid evidence for their faith.

Once again, I’ll thank you profusely for the vital difference your partnership makes every hour of every working day at CRI. The battle for hearts and minds in which we’re engaged has enormous consequences. Not only for individuals dear to the heart of God but also for the very future of our world He sent His Son to redeem.

Because Life and Truth matter…


P.S. It could be said that making the case for Christianity is the most important case of our lives. With that in mind, I think you’ll find Forensic Faith to be a valued addition to your toolkit — or perhaps a timely gift to someone struggling with these important issues.


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