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Letter From Hank

“It is necessary for the welfare of the nation that men’s lives be based on the principles of the Bible. No man, educated or uneducated, can afford to be ignorant of the Bible.” —Theodore Roosevelt


HHHS-200rbFebruary 2016

Dear CRI Partner:

Although I often strive to make the complex simple, I’m no fan of reductionism (simplification to the point of obscuring or distorting the truth).

But here’s a question:

When you ponder the spiritual, moral, and ethical problems facing our nation, “Which ones would not be improved through a pervasive and deeper understanding of the Bible’s principles and truths?”

As someone who wrestles with our national challenges and seeks to mine the inexhaustible riches of Scripture, I’m inclined to answer “Not many.”

Yet the problem isn’t that the Bible doesn’t speak to our deepest needs or answer our deepest questions. It’s that the average person often lacks the time and the tools to extract these answers. That’s why I’ve labored for years to take complex matters and make them simple, manageable, and memorable.

But before I explain why I’m writing to you today, let me mention several relevant convictions.

First, as a bumper sticker has put it, “We took the Bible out of our schools. Now we’re sending it into our prisons.” Put very simply, when secular humanism and scientism (the belief that only science can make reliable truth claims) drive God’s Word from our educational institutions, we shouldn’t be surprised that our leading spiritual, moral, and ethical indicators have “gone south.”

Second, although “correlation is not causation” as the statisticians rightly warn us, I’m convinced that the increase in our national social woes — now reaching alarming heights — can be correlated to what is a decades-long decline in biblical literacy.

In short, when we take away the “salt and light” of God’s Word, we shouldn’t be surprised when corruption abounds and darkness increases as a consequence. “This isn’t rocket science,” as the saying goes.

Third, the average Christian can’t be expected to be a Bible scholar. And in today’s fast-food, quick-fix culture, few people are going to do the heavy lifting of systematically searching Scripture to find the answers they need to what can be a very long list of questions. That’s why I wrote The Complete Bible Answer Book, and why I’d like you to have a copy of The Complete Bible Answer Book Collector’s Edition Revised and Updated.

Just a few reasons:

To begin with, because apologetics really begins with biblical literacy, and because having answers at your fingertips in minutes beats spending hours searching through your Bible, this is answer book is simply a very valuable and practical resource. For you and for family members or friends.

Second, by putting a copy in your hands, I’m thanking you for strategically investing not only in strengthening the outreaches of CRI that touch and transform individual lives “24/7” but also in the effective witness of thousands of fellow believers and the spiritual fabric of a nation we both care deeply about.

I’ll mention in passing that The Complete Bible Answer Book Collector’s Edition Revised and Updated was born out of almost three decades of hosting the Bible Answer Man radio broadcast. These answers were “forged in the furnace” of real life, not in some dusty library.

In this edition I’ve taken my on-air answers to hundreds of questions and chiseled them until only the gems emerge — questions involving biblical interpretation, cults, religions, science, ethics, afterlife, apparent contradictions, and much, much more.

Questions in this volume run the gamut from the common to the complex.

Regarding the common, I answer such questions as “What are the ABCs of redefining marriage?” and “What is a near-death experience?” In the category of the complex, I tackle questions such as “What is replacement theology?” and “What is the Euthyphro dilemma?”

And perhaps the question I’ve answered more than any other is “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?”

At first blush, it may seem that there are as many responses to this question as there are religions. In reality, however, you’ll discover that there are only three basic answers — and only Christian theism answers the question satisfactorily!

In short, this new edition contains over 220 of the top questions I’ve tackled, with fifty new entries including twenty-five memorable acronyms (affectionately referred to as Hankronyms). Questions that plague believers and nonbelievers alike.

Examples of new entries include “How many asses did Jesus ride into Jerusalem?” “What about Easter celebrations?” “ Should Christians fear death?” “Is soul sleep biblical?” “ What about the millennium?”

And new Hankronym entries include, “What are the F-L-A-W-S of the health and wealth gospel?” “What are the characteristics of C-U-L-T-S?” “Is America going to P-O-T?” and “How should Christians respond to the LGBTQ community? (G-A-Y).”

What’s more, also included is a Legacy Reading Plan that will equip you to read the Bible in books rather than bits. I’ve even included recommended resources for further study as well as Scripture passages specifically related to the subject matter at hand.

In a nutshell, I think this is a book you’ll want as a comprehensive and handy volume you’ll refer to regularly. With more than 220 concise answers and helpful tools within your reach in just seconds, I’m confident you’ll actually use this special edition to have a real impact in the lives of others. For those who loved the previous edition, you will really love this one.

To receive your copy of The Complete Bible Answer Book Collector’s Edition Revised and Updated as either a valuable addition to your personal library or as a gift for a friend or loved one, simply click here, or on the link below and make your gift today.

Your gift will do “double duty,” equipping yourself or a loved one while also enabling CRI to equip thousands of fellow believers to fight the good fight of faith in a world that desperately needs to “think and live Christianly.”

For the difference your prayers and financial support make in so many lives on the home front and abroad, and for all that your partnership means to me personally, I’m very grateful.

…because Life and Truth matter,



P.S. God bless you richly for standing with me and CRI to make a much-needed difference in our world!


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