Letter From Hank

Hank Hanegraaff

October 2018

Dear CRI Partner:

Many people wonder if their life has even made a difference.

I hope that thought hasn’t crossed your mind, because I have a mountain of evidence that would prove you wrong.

You see, your partnership has played a very significant role. Not just in sharing “orthodox propositions” about truth but also in allowing literally thousands to be penetrated daily with “rays of light” that have transformed not only ways of thinking, but quality of lives and even eternal destinies in countries around the world.

While knowledge of the impact you’ve made is not meant as encouragement to rest on laurels, I hope it warms your heart to know that individuals, couples, Bible studies, and churches have benefitted from the resources you’ve made possible.

What’s more, multiple ministries have been launched through the outreaches you’ve played a significant role in, and the ripples of these organizations continue to multiply the impact of your partnership. As you’ve no doubt heard me say before, “You can always count the number of seeds in an apple, but you can never count the number of apples in a seed.”

In short, the seeds you have helped to plant continue to bear fruit

that neither you nor I will ever fully appreciate until we see the dividends

of our commitments and investments in eternity.

Although I’ve never endeavored to even begin to count all the testimonies we’ve received over the years of lives impacted, I’m confident they could compete with the bulk of a hefty phone book!

What those changed lives have continued in turn to do by way of impact on their respective spheres of influence…well, those are apple orchards we’ll only experience when we step into a dimension of glory that we can at best only dimly perceive now.

In case you might think that all rays of light eventually fade, consider this testimony from Steve:

 I started listening to CRI in 1988 just a couple of months after becoming a Christian. I was able to hear the radio broadcast most every day for about 25 years. I learned a lot about growing closer in my relationship to Jesus and how to answer questions from nonbelievers and people seeking answers, which I still do today.

When someone asks me what Jehovah’s Witnesses believe, or some other cult, I have been able to get solid complete biblical answers for them. I can’t imagine not having CRI as a resource; it has been a very valuable tool in my growth as a believer, and the articles and book resources have been used by God to help me and others witness for Jesus.

I hope that Christians who want to grow closer to Jesus will consider supporting this vital ministry as I have and hope to do more in the future. Being able to get solid answers that you can trust is vital! They have solid answers about Christian doctrine and solid researched answers about false teaching. Thank you, Hank, and all the staff at CRI, for being such a critical part of my growth in Christ.


And while we strive to provide content and tools that high school students can use, we also aim to provide thinking that will occasionally stretch those with advanced degrees.

Consider this testimony recently received from “Ms. Theologia” regarding the Hank Unplugged podcast:


I have an MA in apologetics and two MAs in Old Testament Semitics and Theology. I thoroughly enjoy Hank’s program, and I am able to learn more in one episode of the podcast than in a whole month of my studies.


That’s simultaneously humbling and encouraging. But I think it speaks to our commitment to regularly engaging top-drawer thinkers on a host of current topics of concern to serious Christians.

Truthfully, many mature Christians have had enough of the “standard fare vanilla” and welcome rigorous reflection and critical insights on issues that most will not find addressed elsewhere. My hope is that these “iron on iron” interactions will sharpen a growing number of minds to demolish the nonsense increasingly spewed forth in our post-truth world.

But beyond the hundreds of testimonies we receive from listeners, we also receive endorsements from scholars and Christian leaders who have made it their business to separate the wheat from the chaff. Consider the impact friends like you have had in lives such as Lee Strobel’s (a great case of countless apple orchards resulting from a seed!):

I remember so clearly, when I was a young Christian, turning on my car radio, it was at 7 o’clock back then in the evening, so I’d be driving home, and listened to the Bible Answer Man. And I would listen to Hank, and I would get so many great insights into how I could respond to similar questions that would come my way in my life.

And, I was on the sidelines. I was on the periphery. I wasn’t involved. And then there came a day when I said, “Wait a minute! I believe in defining and defending the gospel of Jesus Christ. How can I best do that in this world?” One way I can do that is get behind organizations and ministries that have the same values. That is the biblical value of helping people define what the gospel is and to defend it against counterfeit Christianity, against all the cults, against world religions, against everything else that’s pulling people in other directions….So, I raised my hand and said, “I want to be involved in this.”

While I could go on and on, I think you get my point:


Your faithful partnership has made a difference.

And it continues to make a difference “24/7” as together

we touch lives around the globe for the glory of God.

The simple truth is that all of CRI’s outreaches would grow silent quickly without the partnership of friends like you.

For all that your prayers and support mean as we seek to extend our reach through digital and social media, I’m deeply grateful.

May God bless you for the countless lives changed because you care!


Because Life and Truth matter…


Host, Bible Answer Man Broadcast


P.S. Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said, “God offers to every man the choice between truth and repose. Take which you will, you can never have both.” For your partnership in disturbing the “repose” of growing numbers of Christians, I’m more thankful than you’re likely to know.

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