Letter From Hank

Hank HanegraaffAugust 2018

Dear CRI Partner:

If you feel the tremors you’re not alone.

In fact, they’re growing in magnitude daily.

And the shifting cultural tectonic plates triggering them foreshadow a civilizational earthquake the likes of which the West has not seen in hundreds of years.

Remarkably, millions of Christians seem oblivious to the rumblings and their potentially disastrous consequences.

That puts a premium on Christians like you who are both watching and listening as the stress along these fault lines grows dangerously. And on friends like you who understand the need to blow a trumpet of warning if lives are to be saved in the coming cultural quakes.

While most alert and thinking Christians are no longer surprised that we now find ourselves in a post-Christian and increasingly post-truth culture (the two “posts” are clearly linked), what is more alarming is that growing segments of American society appear to be rushing headlong towards a once unthinkable “post-sanity” culture.

The equivalent of a mental Ebola virus that turns minds
into mush, the post-truth virus itself can’t be eliminated.

But you and I can alert people to the danger. And we can
provide inoculations to bolster immunity to the disease.

While I won’t depress you with a litany of current social ills, I find one example among many to be disturbingly symptomatic of what lies in store on a grander scale if the advance of this post-sanity virus can’t be halted.

In his book Hope of Nations: Standing Strong in a Post-Truth, Post-Christian World, award-winning journalist and now pastor, John S. Dickerson, cites a case in California that is emblematic of the madness worming its way into our lives.

Dickerson notes that

“a California court recently ruled that it is the ‘constitutional right’ of a convicted murderer serving a life sentence to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of sex-change surgery – paid for by the state.”

Who was this convicted murderer? Shiloh Heavenly Quine, who was convicted of first-degree murder, kidnapping and robbery for ransom. She shot and killed a thirty-three-year-old father of three in 1980 while robbing him of $80 and his car.

Think the insanity stops there? Nope. Not a chance.

Because now this requires the state to provide the same surgery for other inmates. And lest other inmates feel slighted, “California officials have agreed to provide male inmates who identify as female with scarves, necklaces, nightgowns, and similar items.”

If you’re waiting for a punch line to a bad joke, I’m sorry to disappoint you. You see, what I once thought inconceivable, even for depraved and degenerate minds, is now not only real but increasingly predictable. We’re simply reaping the harvest of the inevitable fruits of a post-truth, post-Christian culture.

Although I’ll strongly encourage you to get and devour a copy of Hope of Nations, an equipping resource we’re highlighting this month, here are just some glimpses into the post-truth mindset that is accelerating the decline of civilization as we have known it.

Dickerson asks, “What does post-truth look like?” Post-truth thinkers are:

  • hesitant to critique any outside culture, religion, or way of life
  • repulsed by traditional American claims of morality or absolute truth
  • eager to promote exotic ideologies without examining the impact on human rights
  • prejudiced against any truth claim that originates in the Christianized West, including the Bible, Judeo-Christian ethics, Christian morals, or patriotism
  • conditioned to be suspicious of or even prejudiced against certain classes that they’ve been trained to view as oppressors (for example, rich white males, Christians, etc.)

And here, greatly abbreviated, are some behaviors of post-truth thinkers:

  • When challenged, Post-Truth thinkers will respond with a sense of disgust, shock, contempt, or moral superiority. They will respond that you have no right to judge them or anyone else.
  • They label their critics as racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, bigoted, or prejudiced.
  • The most devout Post-Truth thinkers also use violence to silence conservatives and others who disagree with them.
  • For a Post-Truth thinker, arguments about society or morality based on objective facts are largely irrelevant.
  • Post-Truth thinkers do not know that people outside the West despise the idea that all ideas are equal and hold their competing ideologies (Islam, Hinduism, communism, etc.) to be exclusively true and worthy of subjecting weaker ideologies.

While I’ll encourage you to glance at the enclosed sheet with excerpts of the resources we’re offering this month, I’ll close by borrowing from a story Dickerson recounts in Hope of Nations.

Dickerson notes that in the buildup to World War II, even two of the greatest leaders of the last century – Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) – endured private moments when all hope seemed lost in combating the evils of Nazi fascism and Japanese imperialism.

“Some historians point to one specific radio address from FDR as the turning point in World War II – and, as a result, the turning point in world history. It was a nationwide radio fireside chat titled ‘The Arsenal of Democracy.’ At the time, the United States had not yet entered the war.

In his chat, FDR cast the vision that the United States could turn the course of a world war… despite an overwhelming sea of fear and small-mindedness, FDR cast a compelling vision that the United States must turn the course of world history by leveraging its unique asset – industrial manufacturing – to become the world’s ‘arsenal of democracy.’”

I borrow this “Arsenal of Democracy” story because at a genuine hinge of history – as the United States descends deeper into a post-truth culture — with the help of friends like you CRI can remain an “Arsenal of Apologetics.”

Clearly, while we’re not the only ones striving to “fight the good fight,” we can leverage our unique asset of vast equipping resources to insure that no Christian ever need go into today’s battles for truth without being fully armed.

But first and foremost, consistent with the challenge of getting more Christians to “wake up, stand up, and speak up,” we must alert fellow believers to the increasing post-truth madness that threatens all that we hold most dear.

Only when awake and comprehending what’s at stake will they stand to help halt the advance of the post-truth madness that increasingly threatens our most basic freedoms as Christians.

This means insuring that all the resources in CRI’s vast equipping arsenal continue to be available through equip.org. And that our “megaphone” of broadcasts and podcasts continues to awaken Christians to the very real perils of remaining unengaged in these battles for the future.

So please take a moment right now to scan the enclosed insert and reply device. I’ve enclosed an envelope to make your response super easy.

Or you can make a difference just as easily by making a generous gift online at equip.org.

I hope you will take advantage of one or both of these resources, either for yourself or for friends who need to be awakened and encouraged to stand strong as assaults on our faith and basic sanity multiply.

For all that your prayers and partnership mean as we seek to immunize more people against the post-truth thinking that’s the equivalent of a mental Ebola virus, I’m deeply grateful.

May God bless you for making a difference in these battles that are even now determining the quality of life we will bequeath to future generations!


Because Life and Truth matter…



P.S. Because the resources in our “Arsenal of Apologetics” make a difference only when used, I hope you’ll take advantage of this month’s featured books. And God bless you for helping to make these resources available to literally hundreds of thousands of believers here at home and around the world!




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