Letter From Hank


August 2015

Dear CRI Partner:

Reality just isn’t what it used to be.

I know — that’s a shocker for those who nostalgically long for “the good old days.”

And perhaps especially shocking for those over 40 whose mental maps of reality continue to reflect the world that once was rather than the world that now is.

But the simple truth is that our external world is changing at a dizzying pace. A pace that has huge implications for worldviews and our efforts as Christ followers to share the Good News with a spiritually hungry but skeptical world.

Consider just three mind-blowing statistics:

  • Google now generates every 24 hours an amount of information equal to the total information generated from the dawn of civilization until the year 2003.
  • India now has more honor students than the United States has students.
  • China has used more cement in the last three years than the United States did in the twentieth century.

Although the list of staggering statistics could go on and on, here’s the challenge and the harsh reality for those of us interested in standing for biblical truth in an age of increasingly militant secularism and scientism:


I’m aware that many would wear this truth as a badge of honor, believing it to be a confirmation of their resoluteness in embracing the faith “once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3).

The problem — when it comes to apologetics — is that the sources of cultural authority regarding what constitutes “reality” have flat out been upended….

Where once the phrase “The Bible says…” had the ring of solemn authority, for many millions today, the baton of authority has now been passed to science. Science, reinforced by its stunning successes and unprecedented benefits in our quality of life, is increasingly the arbiter of what constitutes truth.

Thus, launching into “The Bible says…” is speaking an utterly foreign language to scientifically minded secularists. The growing biblically illiterate legions among us naively view the Bible as little more than a collection of ancient legends and fables, and they condescendingly see Christians as superstitious and anachronistic obscurantists who increasingly belong in museums, if not zoos.

Therefore, earnest yet misguided efforts to quote the Bible to skeptical secularists will have all the persuasive punch of handing them cuneiform tablets in ancient Ugaritic!

Simply put, to even be admitted to the table with these folks increasingly requires
that we speak the language of science, not religion. And that’s a language of FACTS
that are verifiable by OBSERVATION.

Because they’re unlikely to contest verifiable facts (especially if they don’t know them!), this means the agenda now shifts to the adequacy of THEORIES (such as blind and unguided naturalistic evolution). That is, how adequate their theories are to account for the known facts.

And that’s just one of the reasons I want to send you Living Waters — a brilliant new production from Illustra Media’s The Design of Life series. Many friends and ministry partners will fondly remember the two earlier films, Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies and Flight: The Genius of Birds.

With cameo commentaries by distinguished scientists and philosopher of biology Paul Nelson, Living Waters is a visual and intellectual feast.

With stunning photography and riveting illustrations, this DVD notes that 70 percent of the Earth is covered by water and that “this is a realm where biological wonders reflect the highest levels of purpose and design…and extraordinary clues to the mystery of life shine like stars throughout a liquid universe.”

An outstanding hour-long production, Living Waters is not only perfect for older children and students (junior high through college) but also definitely worth sharing with fellow adult believers as well as hardened skeptics.

Why? Because believers will find Living Waters awe-inspiring and uplifting, and
skeptics will find purely naturalistic theories of life stretched to the breaking point.

While you will definitely want a copy of Living Waters to enjoy the video segments ranging from dolphins and sea turtles to humpback whales and salmon, here are just a few brief nuggets from investigations into the astonishing design and purpose reflected in these amazing creatures:

  • A dolphin’s grace and efficiency in the water is due in part to a glassy-smooth skin that is shed and regenerated completely — several times a day — to remove barnacles and other organisms that could cause resistance at higher speeds.
  • A dolphin’s echolocation system — or biosonar — permits it to distinguish the difference between a golf ball and a ping-pong ball based solely on its density. In fact, dolphins can see inside things! What’s more, a dolphin can detect a BB at the bottom of a swimming pool, blindfolded.
All of the dolphin’s complex echolocation systems consist of interdependent components that operate with critical balances and exquisitely sensitive regulation. Each of the hundreds of individual parts must be integrated and fully functional — simultaneously.

As Living Waters puts it, “And how does the dolphin know how to use this equipment? That’s where instinct comes in. They not only got the hard-ware, but they got the owner’s manual along with it….All of this stuff happens automatically. And it’s perfectly set up.”

And sea turtles? Well, to navigate, they rely on a biological system calibrated to work in concert with an invisible magnetic shield that not only surrounds the Earth but also reaches out into space for 40,000 miles. Each line of this vast magnetic field intersects a different point on Earth’s surface at a specific angle and intensity. Sea Turtles on BeachTogether, these lines create a distinct pattern that can be charted as coordinates for the latitude and longitude of any location on the planet.

From the moment a sea turtle hatches, it may be imprinting on these magnetic fields and building a magnetic map stored within its brain.

In fact, there is an array of internal “compasses” embedded in its head, laden with microscopic cells enriched with crystals of magnetite.

These microscopic cells react to the Earth’s magnetic fields to chart the sea turtle’s lifetime voyages like the needle of a compass!

While I could fill pages with the jaw-dropping facts you’ll discover in Living Waters, my
point is that the likelihood of the astonishing intelligence manifested in nature simply
arising from blind chance is nothing short of preposterous.

As a matter of fact, researchers at Cornell University in 2008 calculated the time required to generate, randomly, a single pair of cooperative mutations in a population of large mammals. As biologist Richard Sternberg notes, it’s a problem because we would need — as far as we know — on the order of well over 100 million years to generate just two of the coordinated mutations that would produce some beneficial modification.

As this DVD states,

“If two cooperative mutations are established
in a population of mammals only once in a million centuries,
then a significant challenge to the Darwinian model
rises from the dust of the Earth.”

I mentioned earlier that for millions of people today, science has become THE authoritative arbiter of truth. Yet the problem is generally not the FACTS of science but the theoretical presuppositions that relentlessly distort the interpretation of those facts!

To put it simply, it’s not that some of our deepest questions
regarding life have gone unanswered by science,
but that these answers have often gone unquestioned!

That’s why I want to send you a copy of Living Waters in appreciation for your gift today.

You see, your gift today will do more than help to undergird CRI’s work of equipping Christians to think and live Christianly. It will also provide you with an awe-inspiring, uplifting, and powerful apologetics tool that provides powerful insights into the purpose and design that pervades life on our planet.

To receive your copy of Living Waters, please click here, or on the donation button below.

In no time at all, your gift will be at work through a variety of CRI outreaches, equipping fellow believers at home and abroad to more effectively and persuasively stand for biblical life and truth.

May God bless you richly for the powerful difference your partnership makes in so many lives.

…because Life and Truth matter…



P.S. The battle for the hearts and minds of millions on our planet will largely be determined by how the facts of science are interpreted. In Living Waters, I think you’ll catch a glimpse of how the argument for design and purpose will ultimately win!

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