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Letter From Hank

If we lose the battle for the heart and soul of America,
it won’t be because we lacked the truth but because we lacked the will.”


Hank HanegraaffJune 2016

Dear CRI Partner:

In the highly unlikely event that you haven’t noticed, life and truth are under assault in America in ways that would have been impossible to imagine even a few decades ago.

I won’t bore or depress you with a long litany of woes.

You only have to think of Planned Parenthood, San Bernardino, the New Atheists, and the dementia of political correctness that daily saps the vitality of our leaders to trigger a recall of a host of spiritual, moral, and ethical maladies.

Scarier still, the erosion of truth and hostility against Christians continues to gain momentum.  Just consider the fact that more than twice as many college and university professors harbor negative feelings against evangelical Christians than Muslims.

Please understand; I’m not an alarmist writing to say that the sky is falling.  And I’m certainly not suggesting that the die is cast regardless of what we do.

But when militant secularists are willing to do more for their misguided and morally bankrupt notions than Christians are for a faith that once transformed the world, you don’t need to be clairvoyant to imagine the potential outcome.  (And if you happen to be one who thinks that American exceptionalism includes perpetual immunity from the consequences of sin or prosecution from the anger of a holy God, you may wish to reconsider.)

The fundamental problem, frankly, is not unbelievers exercising their job description but Christians failing to exercise theirs.  Put directly, the culture is the way it is because Christians have failed to think and to live Christianly!

While multitudes of Christians apparently missed the memo that a battle is underway for the soul of Western civilization, others must have gotten the wake-up call but decided it was less troubling just to go back to sleep. 

Here at CRI, however, the defense of truth and Christian values is a “24/7” reality.

And the simple truth is that all that we do here is possible only because friends like you understand what’s at stake and are willing to join us in making a difference.

That’s why I’m asking you to stand with me today in a fight on which our future as a nation may well hinge.  And to insure that those willing to “fight the good fight” with us have the crucial resources they need.  This means guaranteeing—any time of day, any day of the week, any month of the year—that CRI’s arsenal of radio broadcasts, interviews, Christian Research Journal articles, e-Truths, and other resources are available to millions around the globe at the click of a mouse or the tap of a smart phone.

What’s more, the continuing work of CRI staff to carefully select books and DVDs for “The Apologist’s Arsenal” means that you, your family and friends, and multitudes of other Christians don’t ever have to wander in a wilderness of frustration or confusion to acquire the intellectual weapons needed to stand effectively against the assaults on our Christian worldview and values.  We’ve made your hunt for resources both safe and convenient.

And because your prayers and financial support enable CRI to go beyond equipping Christians just in North America to in fact touch multitudes of Christians around the world, your partnership here at home creates ripple effects that circle the globe.

Whose lives are impacted by your partnership?

While we’ll never know all the names and faces of the millions of lives touched by more than fifty-five years of CRI’s equipping ministry, consider just a handful of lives impacted in recent weeks:

  • Islam: Without our exposé of the pernicious myths about Islam being a religion of peace, large swaths of the Christian community would be in the dark and at the mercies of the prevailing winds of political correctness. These winds are shamelessly fanned by political and academic elites who are traitors to truth.
  • South Korea: In March, I met with top Christian leaders in South Korea and was able significantly to impact the point of view of denominational leaders and heads of seminaries and universities throughout South Korea.
  • Bethlehem: I also had the privilege of speaking in Bethlehem on the theme of “The Gospel in the Face of Religious Extremism.” With participants from thirty-seven countries, I wish you could have been with me to see the rabbis, imams, Jewish soldiers, and Christian leaders in the audience.  You would have been encouraged, if not thrilled, to see the faces of just a few of the leaders around the world who are being impacted by your partnership.
  • The Apocalypse Code: In conjunction with Levant Ministries in the Middle East, my book The Apocalypse Code was translated into Arabic and has been distributed widely throughout this hotbed of religious conflict. I gratefully continue to hear stories of how this book is impacting multitudes through our partnership with Levant Ministries, which is advancing the Kingdom of God in the Arab world—just one outreach that is part of CRI’s “Going Global” initiative.
  • China: A dear friend, a one-hundred-year-old Chinese Christian on his deathbed, had asked me to visit him on my return from Bethlehem, as he knew his days were limited. This beloved servant of Christ had been imprisoned four times in China—a total of twenty-six years—for his commitment to Christ and for distributing “unauthorized material in unauthorized places.”  In addition to ministering to him and other brothers in Christ, I was also able to meet again with a top Party official to further CRI’s work of promoting religious liberty in China.

You may recall my conviction that “While you can always count the number of seeds in an apple, you can never count the number of apples in a seed.”  Less metaphorically, I can never know with certainty how many of the seeds I’m able to plant because of your support are in turn producing other apples that continue to bear fruit and multiply indefinitely.

And I especially want to underscore just how vital your support is this month.

You see, in terms of financial resources, JUNE IS A CRITICAL MONTH FOR CRI.
It determines how well we end the fiscal year and what our strength
(or weakness) will be going into a new fiscal year.

Frankly, with the battle for life and truth raging at home and abroad, every soldier is crucial.  As is the state of CRI’s arsenal And it’s your standing with us—especially this month—that enables CRI to continue providing the apologetics “arms” to fellow believers that are so crucial in our homes, our churches, our schools, and our workplaces.

To tell the plain and painful truth, I never thought I’d live to see a day when a once-great Christian nation would be in a state of free-fall.  Or that the cultural headwinds against common sense and basic decency would ever be so ferocious.  And what alarms me beyond measure is that so few Christians seem to grasp the consequences of what is at stake.

We’ve already seen the partial consequences of Roe v. Wade, with nearly sixty million innocent lives taken—many through grisly “partial birth” abortions—with more to come.

And we’ve caught at least a partial glimpse of what’s to come with the legalization of same-sex marriages and the increasingly unfathomable assaults on basic human rights by the transgender movement.  (They now insist, encouraged and supported by celebrities and media elites, that they should be able to use the bathroom of their choice, not of their God-given sex.  Truly, would you want your daughter or granddaughter legally forced to accept the presence of a man in a public bathroom just because he feels he’s a woman?)

What’s more, any attempt by Christians to stand up against this insanity instantly triggers accusations of hate and intolerance, with growing numbers of government bureaucrats and judges agreeing with them.

And equally ominous are the growing numbers of people believing the Bible is little more than a collection of fairy tales, and Christians just mental defectives who can’t cope with the brutal realities of a pointless universe and need a “primitive” religion as a crutch.

As a chilling sign of just how twisted many of these minds are (we used to be allowed to say “reprobate” without bordering on hate crimes), what you and I hold to be sacred they consider vile and vice versa.

As Isaiah prophesied, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter” (Isaiah 5:20).

The truth be told, it’s only the grace of God and the partnership of friends like you that enable CRI to combat the assaults on truth and Christian values that we read about daily in our newspapers and witness with increasing alarm through a growing deluge of media channels.

What’s more, when you and others stand with us, we’re able to encourage and enable countless other believers to join in the fight.  Whether they’re in Boston or Bethlehem, Sacramento or Shanghai.

Equally important, your support enables us to provide the crucial weapons and resources—materials, teaching, insights, answers—that are making a world of difference to those in the trenches of the war for life and truth.

So please just accept this letter as an expression of my profound gratitude for all that your faithful partnership makes possible.

God bless you richly for standing faithfully for truth.  And my deepest personal thanks for all that your partnership means to those who are courageously fighting the good fight on the front lines.

…because Life and Truth matter,


Host, Bible Answer Man Broadcast

P.S. .  Just as soldiers are harmless without the right arms, so have key battles throughout history been won or lost for lack of resources.  For the vital role your partnership plays in equipping fellow believers at home and abroad, I’m more grateful than you’ll ever know!


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