Letter From Hank

HHHS-200rbJuly 2015

Dear CRI Partner:

I’m guessing you don’t think of God’s creation as a crime scene. Nor do you likely think of CRI as CSI — a team that investigates crime scenes.

But I will take a stab at some assumptions…

First, that because of your partnership with CRI, you’re concerned about life and truth and how they interrelate.

Second, you realize that life and truth are under attack today by secularists who deem the Bible to be a collection of primitive superstitions and fairy tales. And when it comes to engaging with highly educated secularists, skeptics, and flat-out atheists, you understandably have no desire to enter these intellectual, philosophical, and theological battles outgunned. (There’s just no payoff in bringing a pocket knife to a gun fight.)

Third, like most thinking Christians, you want to be not only a faithful witness but also a fruitful one, and you have zero interest in appearing clueless or simply ill-prepared on the key apologetics issues of the day.

Fourth, you want to make a difference in the lives of others and ultimately our world. If not to lead others to Christ, at least to make the gospel rationally plausible to the postmodern secular mind.

Well, if I’m right on any of these assumptions, read on. I’ve got good news for you. And a great apologetics tool I want to put in your hands.

I’m talking about Jim Wallace’s new book, God’s Crime Scene: A Cold-Case Detective Examines the Evidence for a Divinely Created Universe.

But before you read further, let me share what this book ISN’T:

  • “Stuffy” – It’s definitely not a dry textbook that could double as a sleep aid.
  • “Gear-heady” – Let’s face it. Some books on apologetics are so academic they would only appeal to the apologetics equivalent of actuaries!
  • “Titillating, but useless” – Some books on apologetics are engaging but practically worthless when it comes to translating theory and abstract concepts into real life where the rubber actually meets the road. (T. H. Huxley, Darwin’s “bulldog,” once noted, “The tragedies of science are the slayings of beautiful hypotheses with ugly facts.”)
  • A dustcollector – Truthfully, don’t you have books that function largely as dust collectors? We all do, but I assure you this won’t be one of them.

You see, God’s Crime Scene isn’t a work of fiction. It’s written by Jim Wallace, a cold-case detective who’s worked countless homicides and has seen first-hand the violent and bloody realities of humanity’s dark side that most of us thankfully only see in movies.

What’s more, he knows better than most that
when you’re investigating crime scenes that involve murder,
even the slightest details matter — especially when your evidence
will be scrutinized by the judge, jury, and defense

What I also like about Jim is that in addition to possessing a brilliant, penetrating, and ruthlessly methodical mind, he’s also a former atheist. Definitely not one of your “sloppy agape” types who majored in sentimentality, Jim became a Christian by struggling with the evidence.

What that means, in part, is that when you’re facing hardcore skeptics, you don’t need to be anxious about whether his facts and arguments hold water. Trust me, this isn’t one of your “leaky bucket” guys.


But now that you know what God’s Crime Scene ISN’T, let me tell you what it IS, what you’ll get, and why I want you to have it as my way of saying thanks for your gift to support the work of CRI:

  • Engaging – The book opens with Jim’s first-hand account of a crime scene involving death by a gunshot to the head. But was it a suicide, as it appeared to some officers, or was it a murder? You’ll learn the answer, but in the process you’ll also get key tips on evidence evaluation and case construction, and how these apply to apologetics. (This first crime scene isn’t the last, by the way; you’ll encounter multiple real-life crime scenes throughout the book and discover rules for wrestling with thorny and often complex issues as these scenes unfold.)
  • Real Unlike arid intellectual treatises detached from reality, the lessons learned in God’s Crime Scene are grounded in the gut-wrenching experience of investigative work where life and death are not merely hypothetical constructs. Here, the difference between getting it right and getting it wrong isn’t just points on some game scoreboard.
  • Practical – Scattered throughout the book and related to real criminal cases are more than two dozen “Tools for the Call-Out Bag” — concise tips that can guide your thinking about (next page, please…) what types of evidence count in the court room and the court rooms of public opinion, and what types of arguments are bomb-proof.
  • Expert Witnesses and Profiles – Throughout God’s Crime Scene, you’ll be introduced to expert witnesses on a host of subjects from science to philosophy, both for and against the evidence that there is a Divine Intruder in our cosmos and our lives.
  • Diagrams and Illustrations – Dozens of helpful diagrams and illustrations summarizing key points and insights.
  • Case Files – In-depth treatments of critical apologetics issues by a balanced list of experts you can consult for more information as desired.
  • Case Notes – Over 300 footnotes created as part of the investigation leading to the writing of God’s Crime Scene.
  • Closing Argument – A concluding statement, based on evidence and argument, suggesting that our “crime scene” warrants not merely curiosity but a sense of urgency.

To provide you with just a brief sample of some of the contents, I’ve included a sheet on Excerpts. In a nutshell, I think you’ll see that Jim Wallace’s book, God’s Crime Scene, is a resource you won’t want to be without.

Along with helping to equip you to always be prepared to give an answer for the hope you have (1 Peter 3:15–16), your generous gift today will help to sustain CRI’s work of equipping thousands of fellow believers. Not only here on the home front but also around the world, where truth is under siege by secularism, scientism, and even silly-to-sick theology.

Please take just a moment to glance at the enclosed reply card. Then, to receive your copy of God’s Crime Scene while also helping to turn CRI’s audience into an army of able apologists, simply return the card with your gift in the envelope I’ve provided.

May this timely and compelling book become one of your very best tools to help share the reasons for your faith, and may God bless you richly for the difference you make in so many lives through your partnership!

…because Life and Truth matter…



P.S. God’s Crime Scene isn’t a book you’ll simply read. My bet is that you’ll return to it time and time again as a vital and eminently practical resource as you stand courageously for life and truth!

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