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Questions and Answers with Hank

Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics: Why do the New Testament writers cite the 10 Commandments differently in Matthew 19:18-19 and Mark 10:18-19? Can you explain why you think the flames of hell are not literal flames? What about when Satan is cast into the lake of fire in Revelation 20? What […]

Genesis and Starlight

Hank answers a question concerning the age of the earth and how Adam and Eve observed starlight. For more on

Is there a gospel in the stars?

Over the years I have observed an alarming trend toward what I call “magic apologetics.” In place of an emphasis on such great apologetic verities as the creation of the cosmos, the resurrection of Christ, and the inspiration of Scripture, we are being bombarded with host of apologetic pretenders. One of the more curious brands […]