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Q&A: Saints, Christian Science, and Essential Doctrine

On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast Hank answers questions on the following topics: What is the biblical view of saints, and why does one denomination in particular put such a strong emphasis on this? As a teacher of Christian Science, why don’t people understand that the thinking of this world won’t change anything; they must […]

Is Our Love for Christ Instantaneous?

Hank answers the question, is our love for Christ instantaneous when you accept Jesus Christ into your life?

What Happens to Those Who Have Never Heard of Christ?

Hank answers the question, will those who have no knowledge of Christ go to Hell?

Thanksgiving Greeting From Hank Hanegraaff

Quoting from Philippians 4:6, Hank Hanegraaff encourages us to be thankful not only for family and friends, but most of

Buddhist and Christian Beliefs

A few months ago my mother sent me a monthly newsletter that the San Jose Buddhist church distributes among its members. My mother thought the major article in the newsletter would prove what she had been saying for nearly 30 years — that the differences between Buddhism and Christianity are insignificant compared to what they […]