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Truth, Urban Legends, and “Isms”

I’d like to take just a minute to discuss the topic of truth.   Under the guise of truth, Christians have communicated such things as the legend of Darwin’s deathbed conversion, defended the historicity of the Gospels through forgeries as the Pilate letter, or argued for the inspiration of Scripture on the basis of imbedded […]

Word of Faith Revisionism

The current issue of the Christian Research Journal cover story is Christianity in Crisis 21st Century. The book was released this month so that’s the feature article. Have you ever wondered why prosperity preachers redefine faith as a force? Why they attempt to talk devotees into believing that Adam was an exact duplicate of God—no […]

Whose Ethics? Whose Morals?

I would like to alert you to a brand new resource we have here at CRI. It’s a book entitled Whose Ethics? Whose Morals? The Best of the Christian Research Journal. At first blush, reading a book like this might seem to be a little more than an academic exercise. In reality, it is a […]

What Is Truth?

It will come as no surprise to even semi-alert observers that truth as we have known it is under siege. It is being assailed on multiple fronts by a seemingly endless barrage of isms; such as postmodernism, relativism, experientialism, hedonism, and philosophical naturalism to name, just a few.   To many Christians, truth has apparently […]

Do Mark and Luke Contradict on the Death of Jesus?

The day before Good Friday on The Colbert Report Bart Ehrman attempted to demonstrate that the Gospels of Mark and Luke stand in hopeless contradictions to one another with respect to the death of Jesus Christ.[1] Ironically, Tom Krattenmaker notes Ehrman’s claims on this same issue in USA Today on April 13th, 2009.[2] Ehrman makes […]