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Why Did Heliocentrism Triumph over Geocentrism?

Though the geocentric/heliocentric debate is often posited as science versus Scripture, in reality it is science against science. First, three centuries before Christ, Aristarchus observed the size and distance of the sun and moon and projected the only luminous object in our planetary system to be at its center. As such, he rejected geocentrism in […]

Can People of Science Be People of Scripture?

The realization that revelation is key to knowledge led medieval thinkers to crown theology “Queen of the Sciences.” Peter Paul Rubens elegantly illustrated this truth in a seventeenth-century painting entitled The Triumph of the Eucharist. Standing in a chariot propelled by angelic beings was Theology. Walking alongside were Philosophy, a wise and grizzled veteran, and […]

Is intelligent design really science?

Richard Dawkins, professor of the public understanding of science at Oxford and arguably the best–known Darwinist on the planet, claims those who do not believe in evolution are “ignorant, stupid or insane.” But in place of rhetoric and emotional stereotypes, intelligent design (ID) proponents actually propose reason and empirical science. First, ID proponents are willing […]

Did Darwin have a deathbed conversion?

In order to demonstrate the falsity of evolution, Bible-believing Christians for more than a century have passed on the story of Charles Darwin’s deathbed conversion. Evolutionists have attempted to counter them by loudly protesting that Darwin died believing that Christianity was a fraud and that chance was the creator. In response, it should first be […]

Is evolutionism racist?

First, while not all evolutionists are racists, the theory of evolution is racist in the extreme. In his book The Descent of Man Charles Darwin speculated, “At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world.” In […]

How serious are the consequences of believing in evolution?

More consequences for society hinge on the cosmogenic myth of evolution than on any other. Among them are the sovereignty of self, the sexual revolution, and survival of the fittest. First, the supposed death of God in the nineteenth century ushered in an era in which humans proclaimed themselves sovereigns of the universe. Humanity’s perception […]

Is ARCHAEOPTERYX the missing link between dinosaurs and birds?

Whenever I say that there are no transitions from one species to another, someone inevitably brings up Archaeopteryx. This happens so frequently that I’ve decided to coin a word for the experience: pseudosaur. Pseudo means false and saur refers to a dinosaur or a reptile (literally lizard). Thus, a pseudosaur is a false link between […]

Did humans evolve from hominids?

In the television premiere of Ape Man: The Story of Human Evolution, former CBS anchor Walter Cronkite declared that monkeys were his “newfound cousins.” Cronkite went on to say: “If you go back far enough, we and the chimps share a common ancestor. My father’s father’s father’s father, going back maybe a half million generations—about […]

Is the Big Bang biblical?

The Big Bang postulates that billions of years ago the universe began as an infinitely dense point called a singularity and has been expanding ever since. Though the Big Bang is not taught in the Bible, the theory does lend scientific support to the scriptural teaching that God created the universe ex nihilo (out of […]