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Good Philosophy Must Exist

Not long after the advent of World War II, C. S. Lewis delivered a message wherein he said, “Good philosophy must exist, if for no other reason, because bad philosophy needs to be answered.”1 But was C. S. Lewis, the popular writer of works such as Mere Christianity and the Narnia series, a philosopher? Not […]

Recovering from Fetus Fatigue

It appears that millions of evangelicals, especially younger ones, are experiencing fetus fatigue. Tired of the abortion issue taking center stage, they are moving on to newer, hipper things—the sort of issues that excite Bono, such as aid to Africa, the environment, and cool tattoos. Abortion has been legal since 1973, before they were born; […]

The Clockwork Despair of “The Watchmen”

It’s 1985. Richard Nixon is president of the United States, an aggressive Soviet Union is threatening nuclear doomsday, and superheroes are real. Originally published as a twelve-part series in the mid-1980s, the acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen1 made its way to the big screen in March 2009, complete with an R rating and a running time […]