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Is Animal Suffering a Consequence of Adam’s Sin?

I cannot persuade myself,” wrote Darwin, “that a beneficent and omnipotent God would have designedly created [the Ichneumonidae] parasitic wasps with the express intention of their feeding within the living bodies of caterpillars.” This conundrum ultimately led Darwin to dispense with the notion of a Creator God. In reality, however, Adam—not the Almighty—bears responsibility for […]

Can Radiometric Dating Be Trusted?

A major contention of young-earth creationists* is that radiometric dating* (measuring radioactive decay) is not reliable because the rate of nuclear decay was greater in the past than it is in the present. First, this contention creates more problems than it solves. Simply put, the nuclear radiation rate necessary to make sense of a six-thousand-year-old […]

What About Trying to Find Contemporary Scientific Paradigms in Scriptural Passages?

Attempts to read scientific paradigms into scriptural passages have given Christianity one black eye after another. More often than not, a serious misunderstanding of the art and science of biblical interpretation is at the root of the problem. First, churchmen once taught that the earth was stationary on the basis of Psalm 93:1—“The world is […]

What About Progressive Creationism?

Progressive creationists*, like their young-earth counterparts, face significant challenges from both science and Scripture. First, the quest to find maximal harmony between science and Scripture has led to forced interpretations of both. On the one hand, Scripture is harmonized with science through the contention that the sun and stars were created prior to Day 1—but […]

What Are Exegetical Liabilities of the Twenty- Four-Hour View?

Just as there are extrabiblical liabilities for the twenty-four-hour view (speed of light, star life, etc.), so too there are exegetical liabilities*. First, young-earth creationists* suggest that God employed nonsolar light to govern the days until he created the sun, moon, and stars on Day 4. Yet the biblical text literally says, “There was evening, […]

Did God Create His Handiwork with the Appearance of Age?

It is frequently argued that God created the universe and all it entails with the appearance of age. Does this notion correspond to the reality of Scripture and science? First, we should note that the Bible doesn’t answer the age question. Some creationists suggest that God created Adam with the appearance of age. In reality, […]

Were the Genesis Creation Days Literal, Long, or Literary?

There are three dominant schools of thought within evangelical Christianity regarding the Genesis days of creation. First, the popular twenty-four-hour v iew posits that God created the heavens and the earth in six sequential, literal days. A majority in this camp view the universe to be approximately six thousand years old and consider all death, […]

Is This a Young World After All?

Many Christians consider the universe to be relatively young. But is it really? While special revelation (the Bible) does not specifically address the age issue, general revelation (the book of nature*) provides a veritable host of clues. First, the reality that nothing travels faster than the speed of light and that billions of light-years separate […]

Is the Canopy Theory Credible?

The canopy theory posits that a blanket of water vapor separated the water under the sky “from the water above it” (Genesis 1:7) until the time of the Flood. This theory is used to account for everything from the water necessary for a global flood to the greenhouse effect necessary for human longevity. But does […]

Is It Silly to Believe in Noah’s Flood?

From the perspective of a biblical worldview, the Flood is the most catastrophic event in the history of humanity. From the perspective of Internet spoofers, it is also the most comical. But is it really silly? First, common sense demands that we allow for both natural and supernatural explanations to make sense of the universe […]