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If God Is One, Why Does the Bible Refer to Him in the Plural?

How could the Israelites be fiercely monotheistic and yet refer to their God using the plural word Elohim? First, this cannot be explained away as a “royal plural” or a “plural of majesty.” Hebrew Scriptures never used a first-person plural to refer to any speaker other than God himself (e.g., Genesis 1:26). Furthermore, while the […]

Who Is the “Us” in Genesis 1:26?

Commentators variously refer to the “us” in Genesis 1:26 as angels, a plural of majesty, or a divine plurality. Which interpretation is correct? First, though the Bible pictures God as surrounded by an angelic host who worship him and carry out his commands, there is no biblical basis for suggesting that angels took part in […]

The Trinity

Hank gives a three part explanation of God who is one in essence, three in person. He also addresses the question of prayer with respect to the Trinity. http://www.equip.org

Speaking In Tongues

Hank answers the question, is speaking in tongues the evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit? www.equip.org

What does it mean to say the Holy Spirit is “in you?”

Over the past several decades, I have been asked the “in” question in a variety of different ways such as: What does it mean to say God is “in” my life; Jesus is “in” my heart; or the Holy Spirit is “in” me? Does it mean that everyone simultaneously has a little piece of God […]

Is it necessary to speak in tongues in order to be a Christian?

I recently received another social media question via Facebook from Donica. She writes, “I was recently part of a Word of Faith church in Houston and speaking in tongues was a must in order to have the Holy Spirit. My question is this; is it necessary to speak in tongues in order to be a […]