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The “Local Church” as Movement and Source of Controversy

The LC as a movement can be traced to the conversion of a bright and promising seventeen-year-old, Nee To-sheng (1903-1972), in Fuzhou (or Foochow), Fujian Province, China. “Watchman” Nee (as he became known) wholeheartedly committed his life to the service of the Lord. What Nee lacked in formal training he made up for by voracious […]

Cultic, Aberrant, or (Unconventionally) Orthodox?

During the height of the Jesus movement in the early 1970s, a young Northern California woman who had recently converted to Christ accepted an invitation to a meeting of Christians who identified themselves as “the church” in her city. When the members began to worship, this new Christian was unnerved by the group’s practice of […]