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Spiritual Boot Camp


The gospel is at the heart of the Christian faith. If Christians do not know how to share their faith, they have probably never been to “boot camp.” The gospel should be so much a part of you that presenting it becomes second nature. Here’s an easy way to do just that. The first step […]

Can I Be Saved without Getting Baptized?

Is baptism necessary for salvation? There are a variety of viewpoints on this question. At one extreme, some in the Church of Christ movement teach that a person must be immersed after hearing a “gospel preacher,” repenting, and believing in Christ, and must consider their baptism essential for salvation, before they can be truly saved. […]

Abbott Loop Christian Center

Abbott-Loop Christian Center (ALCC) in Anchorage, Alaska, was founded in 1959. Since then it has founded dozens of churches in half the states in the U.S. and in at least two foreign countries. We are still in the process of gathering information about ALCC but are able to make a tentative assessment based on what […]