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Q&A: Homosexual Marriage, John Bevere, and Dark Matter

Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:   Hank’s Prologue: Hank discusses various articles in the current edition of the Christian Research Journal including his article answering the question, do all religions lead to God? Questions and Answers: Should a Christian attend the homosexual marriage of one of his children? In Genesis 2:18, […]

Using Your God Given Talents

Hank discusses how to use your God given talents to serve the Lord according to Romans 12.

What are the secrets to spiritual growth?

According to Jesus Christ, those who repent and receive him as Savior and Lord are “born again” (John 3:3)—not physically, but spiritually. And with this spiritual birth must come spiritual growth. It is crucial therefore to be intimately acquainted with the ABCs of spiritual growth. First, no relationship can flourish without constant, heartfelt communication. This […]