Breaking the Silence: E.E. and PWT Tables of Contents


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Apr 12, 2023


Jun 16, 2012

Breaking the Silence

Appendix C:

Evangelism Explosion



One Equipping Laypeople
Two Witnessing as a Way of Life
Three Sharing Good News
Four Making Friends
Five Sharing Your Testimony
Six Asking Diagnostic Questions
Seven Analyzing the Gospel Presentation
Eight Calling for Commitment
Nine Discipling New Believers
Ten Folding into the Church
Eleven Enlisting and Enlarging
Twelve Handling Objections
Thirteen Adding Illustrations
Fourteen Screening Contacts
Fifteen Developing Leaders
Sixteen Discipling All Nations
Appendix A Questionnaires
Appendix B Suggestions for Trainers
Appendix C Public Report Board [1]


Personal Witness Training


The Birth of a Vision
Steps to Maximize Your Personal Witness Training
PWT Good News Outline
PWT Good News Presentation


Lesson 1. The Seven Pillars of PWT

Pillar #1. Power
Pillar #2. Every Believer a Witness
Pillar #3. Equipping for Evangelism
Pillar #4. Ambassadors
Pillar #5. Field Training
Pillar #6. Go Make Disciples
Pillar #7. Multiplication


EvangelTM the Good News Bear


Lesson 2. Relationship

Step 1. Eyes—Interest
Step 2. Nose—Religion
Step 3. Mouth—Testimony
Step 4. Right Ear—Assurance Question
Step 5. Left Ear—Requirements Question
Interpreting the Results


Lesson 3. Testimony

Testimony Worksheet 1
Sample of Testimony Worksheet 1
Testimony Worksheet 2
Sample of Testimony Worksheet 2
Other Considerations


Lesson 4. Good News—Two Responses & Sin

Two Responses
Separates Us from God
Separates Us from Others
Other Considerations


Lesson 5. Good News—God and Jesus Christ

Perfect Father
Perfect Judge
Jesus Christ
Our Savior
Our Lord
Other Considerations


Lesson 6. Good News—Two Steps

Other Considerations


Lesson 7. Response

Step 1. Eyes—Ready?
Step 2. Nose—Review
Step 3. Mouth—Prayer
Step 4. Right ear—Assurance Verse
Step 5. Left Ear—Requirements Question


Lesson 8. Discipleship

Other Considerations


Lesson 9. Lifestyle Evangelism and The PWT Survey Form

Lifestyle Evangelism
The PWT Survey Form
Other Considerations


Lesson 10. Objections Overruled

Basic Considerations
Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?
God: Creation or Evolution?
The Bible: Human or Divine?


Lesson 11. Certification Examination


Lesson 12. PWT Career Path and Oral Evaluation

Step 1. Trainee (Recruitment)
Step 2. Trainers
Step 3. Master Trainers
Step 4. PWT Instructor
Step 5. Missionary Instructor




Appendix A. PWT Information Form
Appendix B. Prayer Partner Form
Appendix C. Field Training Guidelines
Appendix D. PWT Training 12-Week Schedule
Appendix E. The Structure of the PWT Ministry
Appendix F. PWT Visitation Form
Appendix G. Testimony Worksheet 1
Appendix H. Testimony Worksheet 2
Appendix I. PWT Survey Form
Appendix J. PWT Report Form
Appendix K. PWT Weekly Report [2]
Appendix L. Answer Sheet


PWT Feedback Form


[1] D. James Kennedy, Evangelism Explosion, 4th ed. [Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, 1996], vii.

[2] Hendrik Hanegraaff, Personal Witness Training: Your Handle on the Great Commission (self-published, 1987), v.

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