Can God Create a Rock so Heavy that He Can’t Move It?


Hank Hanegraaff

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Jul 31, 2022


Jun 11, 2009

This article first appeared in the Ask Hank column of the Christian Research Journal, volume29, number4 (2006). For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to:

This question is a classic straw man that has most Christians looking like the proverbial deer in the headlights. At best, it challenges God’s omnipotence. At worst, it undermines His existence.

First, there is a problem with the premise of the question. While it is true that God can do anything that is consistent with His nature, it is absurd to suggest that He can do everything: God cannot lie (Heb. 6:18), He cannot be tempted (James 1:13), and He cannot cease to exist (Ps. 102:25–27). Furthermore, just as it is impossible to make a one-sided triangle, so it is impossible to make a rock too heavy to be moved. What an all-powerful God can create He can obviously move. Put another way, God can do everything that is logically possible. Finally, we should note that a wide variety of similar questions are raised to undermine the Christian view of God. Thus, it is crucial that we learn to question the question rather than assuming the question is valid.2

— Hank Hanegraaff


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