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Jul 31, 2022


Apr 13, 2009

Chick Publications- Introduction

Chick Publications has, since its inception, been a bit sensationalistic at times. We do not believe that their approach is the best to use in presenting the gospel. For example, in a number of their volumes in The Crusaders comic series, they use John Todd and an authority on witchcraft and related subjects, and Todd has been proved to be a “teller of tales” (to put it mildly).

Chick Publications- Errors

Also, the volume entitled Sabotage, where the King James Version is purported to be the only accurate translation — all others being Roman Catholic perversions — is also inaccurate and unreliable.

Furthermore, the two issues entitled Alberto and Double Cross are historically inaccurate, unreliable in content, and unchristian in approach.

Chick Publications- Conclusion

So, we do not endorse or promote Chick Publications. There may well be some value in some of their materials, but based on the above observations as well as on the whole, we do not feelChick Publicationsare a reliable tool.

For further reading we recommend the following materials:

D. A. Carson, The King James Version Debate (B217/8.00)

Brian Onken, “Alberto: The Truth About His Story,” Forward (DR160/.25)

Leah Grossman, “The Todd Phenomenon,” Forward (DT120/.25)

“The ‘KJV Only Debate,'” Hank Hanegraaff with James White (CKJV/18.00)

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