Crystals and the New Age


Elliot Miller

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Oct 27, 2022


Apr 14, 2009

Because of their transparency and intriguing symmetrical shape, crystals have become the focal point for current New Age mythology. New Agers place a lot of stock in “vibrations.” Everything in the spiritual realm is supposed to operate according to definite scientific law, so spiritual energy or healing energy is thought to transmit at very high vibration levels or frequencies. Now, the role of crystals in electronics is well known. Quartz crystals are used to control the frequencies of oscillators, and as circuit elements. Since crystals are good for transmitting electronic frequencies, occultists assume that they must also be good for transmitting psychic frequencies. Consequently, an incredible body of lore is quickly developing concerning the healing and energizing powers of crystals.

What is a Christian to make of all this? Crystals are a part of God’s creation, which He pronounced good at the time He made it (see Genesis 1). There is nothing inherently occult or spiritually dangerous about crystals, and if a Christian is interested in or attracted to crystals, he or she should be able to pursue this interest in good conscience. There is no good biblical reason to believe in a New Age idea of psychic energy pervading the universe. Though we do believe in demonic energy that can work through occult practices, we see no reasonable basis to hold that crystals have inherent properties that make them especially good transmitters of demonic power.

Does this mean that we should discount all testimonies of healing and manifestations of psychic power through crystals? No. Demonic energy can work through people’s belief in magical objects. As was the case with pyramids several years ago, when people associate crystals with an occult understanding of universal energy and place faith in them for healing or other desired ends, with their free wills they are opening up a door for demonic intrusion and deception. No doubt Satan is willing to provide phenomena to reinforce a false belief concerning the universe and God. Thus, there may be true cases of psychic manifestations involving crystals, but the manifestations occurred because of the people’s expectations, and not because of any inherent properties in crystals themselves.

Prepared by: Elliot Miller 4/7/87

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