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Hank Hanegraaff

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Jul 13, 2023


Apr 20, 2009

This article first appeared as a four part series in our April 1999, September 1999, November 1999 and January 2000 issues of the Christian Research Report. For further information go to: http://www.equip.org

It’s time to FACE the facts that:

Fossil records are an embarrassment to evolutionists.

Ape-men are fiction, fraud, and fantasy.

Chance renders evolution not just improbable but also impossible.

Empirical science supports the creation model for origins and militates against the theory of evolution.

Fossil records

The next time you’re confronted with someone who believes that the theory of evolution is a proven fact, ask him or her this simple question: With all the millions of fossils that have been found—some 60 million specimens in the British Museum of History alone—why is there not one single fossil find that indicates verifiable transition from one species to another?

Darwin’s entire theory rests on this supposed evolution of fish becoming reptiles, reptiles transitioning into birds, and apes becoming humans. And yet, 120 years after Darwin, it is common knowledge among paleontologists that transitions from one species to another do not exist.

Yet the general public blithely accepts evolution as a fact. Even our universities teach the Darwinian theory as a proven fact of science.


Evolutionary theory predicts that scientists should be finding ample fossils of links between ape-like human ancestors and modern man. But even the scant examples for such links have been shown to be fiction, fraud, and fantasy.

There was Nebraska Man found in 1922, a “find” based on the discovery of a single tooth. After much hoopla by evolutionists, the tooth turned out to be a pig’s! There was Java Man (pithecanthropus erectus), based on a 19th century smattering of bone fragments, which was later discounted as a pre-human in a 342-page investigative report by a team of evolutionists. The 1912 Piltdown Man fossils were shown to be a deliberate fraud after fooling a generation of scientists. The famed Peking Man turned out to be nothing more than a monkey. And the even more famous “Lucy” fossil is, even according to many evolutionists, merely an ape.

Chance replaces an intelligent Designer if evolution is true. But…

  • HOW could chance account for the obvious organization of complex living systems? Especially when things of less complex organization (statues, buildings, computers) could never happen by chance?
  • WHY do respected biochemists like Dr. Michael Behe of Lehigh University say that recent discoveries show living cells to be “machines” with billions of interactive parts that could never have arisen by chance or Darwinian evolution?
  • WHY does Dr. James Coppedge, an expert in the science of statistical probability, calculate that the chance of forming even a single protein molecule from random processes, even in hundreds of millions of years, is an impossible 1 in 10161 (10 followed 161 zeroes)?

Empirical science and reason undergird the creation model for origins and undermine the evolution model.

  • ISN’T evolution just another form of the scientifically discredited theory of “spontaneous generation” — which claimed that living matter springs mysteriously from non-organic matter?
  • DOESN’T evolution rest on the logically absurd notion that the universe created itself? That something comes from nothing? That effects have no original cause?
  • DOESN’T evolution violate the second law of thermodynamics (entropy), which says that everything generally runs from order to disorder and from complexity to decay?
  • WHY do leading evolutionists concede that species appear in the fossil record “suddenly, and are not led up to by gradual … transitional sequences” (George Simpson, The Major Features of Evolution)? This is exactly what creationism would predict!
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