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Jul 31, 2022


Sep 9, 2009

Dear Friend,

The theory of evolution is a falsehood that’s fighting for its very life in the face of a total lack of scientific evidence…and indeed much evidence that directly disproves it.

Yet instead of seeing the playing field level and the biblical account of creation considered as the most viable explanation for the existence of life and the universe…as it should be…we now observe the even more absurd theory of “theistic evolution” being held by many Christians.

So-called theistic evolution is the theory that God used the Neo-Darwinian evolutionary process as His method of creation. But you’ll see in this edition of Equip why this proposition simply cannot stand up to scientific or theological scrutiny.

I hope my article on page 1 and my answer to the Q&A about theistic evolution bring you clarity of mind on these issues, and a strengthened faith. I also pray you’ll request a copy of the special flipchart resource I want to send you to help you stand for truth in a culture awash with illconceived theories, falsehoods, and outright demonic deception.

Memorable Keys to the F-A-R-C-E of Evolution flipchart is our gift to thank you for your donation of support for the Christian Research Institute and the Bible Answer Man broadcast this month. Request your copy today.

Please know how grateful I am for your support and prayers that help us continue to speak the truth of God’s Word and share the gospel clearly and powerfully across our nation and around the world!


P.S. Many friends have stepped up to help the Christian Research Institute close our recent $250,000 funding gap. It’s only because of your Spirit-led support that we can continue equipping others with the Truth of God’s Word. Thank you!

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