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Jul 31, 2022


Apr 20, 2009

More than two years ago the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) was informed by Christian Research Institute that there were Mormons in membership in some of their local chapters, specifically Salt Lake City. The FGBMFI president did not respond to either telephone calls or correspondence. CRI was first told that we could have access to the names listed in the Utah chapter where Mormon membership was suspected and/or had been reported. This request was then summarily rescinded without explanation and FGBMFI took the position that their doctrinal statement, which all members were required to sign, was sufficiently orthodox to protect them from infiltration by cults such as the Mormons. They have further stated that “no response to an accusation or inquiry by CRI is not admission to guilt.”

What Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International does not understand is that the cults are specialists in infiltration, particularly the Mormons who imitate our vocabulary and will sign doctrinal statements with mental reservations regarding terminology. We know this to be true because of the membership of Mormons in some Full Gospel chapters.

Christian Research Institute is not hostile to the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International — CRI’s president and representatives have spoken at FGBMFI chapters throughout the United States — nor are we suggesting that FGBMFI has a policy of admitting cultists into their organization. What we are stating is that when FGBMFI was informed of this they first agreed to take action by making information available to us for verification and then reneged on that commitment. We have no desire to enter into conflict with FGBMFI, and fully support its commitment to the gospel of Christ and to the ministry and work of the Holy Spirit. However, we are all subject to the authority of Scripture and answerable to the Church which is Christ’s body. It was the desire of CRI to help FGBMFI avoid the infiltrational activities of Mormonism. It is sad that sometimes we become so absorbed in evangelism and in exercising spiritual gifts that we forget that the discerning of spirits is also part of the ministry of the Spirit, and the defense of the faith obligatory and not matter of choice (I Corinthians 12: Jude 3).


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