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Elliot Miller

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Apr 12, 2023


Aug 14, 2014


Michael Nostradamus was a sixteenth century French astrologer and physician. His Centuries (an assortment of brief rhymed prophecies called quatrains), have been interpreted as prediction of the French Revolution, the Second World War, and many other events ranging over half a millennium. Nostradamus is perhaps the most respected occult prophet of all time.

In Italy, Nostradamus reportedly predicted that Felix Paretti, a young swine herder who had become a monk, would one day be Pope. Two years after Nostradamus’ death Paretti became Pope Sixtus V. Many other accurate predictions of events in his own era are attributed to Nostradamus.

However, Nostradamus’ more astonishing prophecies are those that seem to foretell major European events that occurred 200-400 years after his death. It must be admitted that some of his predictions do seem to fit certain events well, such as the flight of Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antionette from Paris, their capture in Varennes, and their ultimate execution. However, most of his predictions are vague and open-ended. As it is observed in Man, Myth, and Magic – An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Supernatural: “Generation after generation of Nostradamus enthusiasts have supposed that the quatrains, no matter how obscure their contents, must be regarded as genuine prophetic messages. It is conceivable, however, that Nostradamus composed them with tongue in cheek, and that he was well aware that there is an enduring market for prophecies and particularly for veiled ones.” (Vol. 15, p. 2017).

Nostradamus was a Roman Catholic of Jewish descent, but it is clear that he did not foretell events through the biblical gift of prophecy (I Cor. 12:10). He relied heavily upon horoscopes and other occult methods of divination and so we must say if any supernatural power was responsible for his accuracy, that power was not of God (Deut. 18:9-14).

The Bible does not teach that Satan has a full knowledge of the future. However, it is conceivable that through his superior intelligence he could accurately predict certain events, or, for that matter, exert his power over man to cause previously predicted events to come to pass. This could serve Satan’s purposes by leading some people to embrace occultism because it appears to really “work.”

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