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Aug 1, 2023


Feb 25, 1983

SUN MYUNG MOON was born in 1920 in what is now North Korea. Moon reports that on Easter morning, 1936, he saw Jesus, who told him that he was chosen to complete the mission which Jesus Himself was unable to finish. In 1954, Moon established the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, common­ly known as the Unification Church.

In 1957 he published Divine Principle. Moon claims that Divine Principle is a revelation he received from God. Some critics feel that he formulated these teachings in North Korea eleven years earlier in a monastery established by Paik Moon Kim, who himself has claimed to be a messiah of sorts.

On New Year’s Day, 1972, Moon says that God “sent him to America.” He came to America and toured under the guise of patriotism with the theme “God Bless America”. On his second tour he supported President Richard Nixon during the Watergate investigation. Three hundred fifty followers fasted for seventy-two hours on behalf of Nixon, asking Congress to “forgive, love, and unite.” The President personally thanked Moon for his support. Since that event the Unification Church has had the public eye.

Meanwhile, Moon has raised enough money for four estates: Barrytown, New York (225 acres worth $1.5 million); Belvedere in Tarrytown, New York (worth $850,000); Irvington, New York (22 acres worth $670,000); and Boonville, California (650 acres). He has collected this fortune from: (1) companies where he makes marble vases, machine parts, ginseng tea, pharmaceutics, titanium, air rifles, shotguns, and concrete; and more significantly (2) the sacrifice of his followers’ possessions and the funds which they solicit on the street.

Members of the Unification Church and other organizations who follow the direction of Sun Myung Moon are popularly known as “Moonies.” They may say that they are from the Creative Community Project or C.A.R.P., or any of a number of front organizations, but they all follow Rev. Moon, and they worship and obey him as their messiah. Peddling flowers and candy, or simply asking for dona­tions, these smiling solicitors have collected over $15 million for Moon’s empire.

Proselytizing is done very subtly. Prospective members are invited to an “open house.” After the visitors have experienced the camplike atmosphere, they are asked to attend a weekend seminar. There they are kept active constantly, are allowed little sleep, and are given a low protein diet in order to be put in a State of mind where the Unification Church doctrine can be easily absorbed.

The gist of the Unification Church theology is that God’s purpose for creation was to establish a kingdom of heaven here on earth with perfect people. Adam and Eve were created to become perfect and bear perfect children. Before this could take place, however, Lucifer seduced Eve in the garden of Eden and had relations with her. This is what Moon calls the spiritual fall of man. Eve, now having sin, also had relations with Adam, causing the physical fall of man. Now, in order for God’s purpose for creation to be estab­lished, mankind must be redeemed spiritually and physically. God chose Noah, Abraham, Moses, and others to restore man to his proper relationship with God, but none were successful. Jesus was chosen, but because of the unbelief of the Jews he was crucified before he could marry the perfect woman and begin the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

The Unification Church hopes for a messiah who will attain perfection and marry the perfect mate who will bear perfect offspring. They of course believe this man to be Moon.

Unification Church members have either not heard the truth of Jesus Christ’s total victory over sin, or having heard, have not accepted it. Moon, their substitute messiah, has imposed his own way of dealing with guilt. By studying Divine Principle, recruiting new members, and fund-raising for the messiah, the devotees obtain a sense of spiritual merit (and make Moon rich, as well).

Jesus, the true Messiah, was not on earth to become a rich and overbear­ing master, but rather a servant, giving his all, even his life. True expression of love is in giving, not receiving. Jesus offers his authentic love, proven not by a luxurious life, but by his willingness to suffer the penalty we deserve.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

The following is a list of Moon organizations from the Congregational Record — Senate, 25 March 1976:

The Unification Church
Project Unity
One World Crusade
International Cultural Foundation
International Federation for Victory over Communism
Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles
Freedom Leadership Foundation
The Rising Tide (publication for the Freedom Foundation)
Rising Tide Bookstore (Washington, DC.)
World Freedom Institute
Little Angels of Korea
Little Angels Korean Folk Ballet
Professors Academy for World Peace
Unification Church of New York, Inc.
Unification Church International
National Prayer and Fast for the Watergate Crisis
Unified Family
International Re-education Foundation
The Weekly Religion
The Way of the World
Tongil Seigei Monthly
Ton I (or Tongil) Industry Company
I Wah (or l l Hwa) Pharmaceutical Company
I Shin (or l l Shin) Stonework Company
Ton Wha Titanium Company
The Han Rutile Company
American Youth for a Just Peace
Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade
Korean Folk Ballet
New Hope Singers International
Committee for Responsible Dialogue
Day of Hope Tour
Unification Thought Institute
Unification Church of America
International Conference on Unified Science
Council for Unified Research and Education
D.C. Striders Track Club
International Pioneer Academy (San Francisco)
International Ideal City Project (San Francisco)
Korean Cultural Freedom Foundation
New Education Development Corporation
Center for Ethical Management and Planning
Eden Awareness Training Center
Creative Community Project
The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
San Francisco Day of Hope Committee
International Education Foundation
New Educational Development Systems, Inc.
International Exchange
International Exchange Press
Aladdin Coffees, Teas & Kindreds, Berkeley
Aladdin Warehouse, Berkeley
Rose Shop, Berkeley
Judaism: in Service to the World
Leamington Hotel Flower Shop, Oakland
Seno Travel Service Inc., 150 Powell St., San Francisco
International Prisoner Re-Education Foundation
Center for Ethical Management and Planning, Inc., Berkeley

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