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Jul 31, 2022


Jun 10, 2009

The position of Christian Research Institute relative to Pat Robertson and the CBN Network has not varied over the last 25 years. Dr. Martin has been a friend of Pat Robertson and, though they are not always in agreement, they have “agreed to disagree agreeably” in areas of theology which are not essential to redemption or the effective living of the Christian life.

Dr. Martin, however, does not agree with Pat Robertson’s views as reflected in certain areas of his book The Secret Kingdom, nor with his exercise of the “work of knowledge” and “the word of wisdom” as recorded in I Corinthians 12 without any verification in regard to divine healing. Solid biblical principle is that we are to “test all things and to hold fast to that which is good.” It is impossible to test every alleged manifestation of the gifts of healing and miracles) unless there is some form of verification based upon both Scripture and experience. This is particularly true in reference to medical evidence when a person claims that a healing has been performed. Kathryn Kuhlman did not hesitate to supply extensive documentation relative to healings which took place throughout her ministry. The files of the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association supposedly contain numerous illustrations of such verifications over the years.

Others have gone to the trouble to save such testimonies and even to check many of them out. The exercise of the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom would be far more impressive if there were more verification of such claims.

Christian Research Institute also does not accept the prophecy of Harold Bradesen concerning Pat Robertson which Pat Robertson, himself, does not accept. This particular prophecy states that Pat Robertson and the CBN Network are to usher in the second advent of Christ, and that Robertson has a unique place, therefore, in a prophetic type of role. CRI recognizes the contributions of Pat Robertson, prays for his ministry, and praises God for the communication of the gospel over those facilities, but cannot in good conscience accept such claims.

Christian Research Institute has never said that Pat Robertson considers himself an apostle, prophet, or to have a messianic role of any type. CRI considers him to be a faithful witness for Christ and a tireless worker for the extension of the kingdom of God. It should be remembered the differences between Christians and Christian organizations are perfectly permissible within the context of Scripture where the apostle Paul reminds us that there needs to be parties or differences in our midst that the truth may be manifest (I Corinthians 11:19).

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