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Jul 31, 2022


Jun 9, 2009

Channel Kevin Ryer­son to Embark on Major Seminar Tour.

Kevin Ryerson, trance channel (medium) who attained notoriety as a result of Shirley MacLaine’s TV minis­eries Out on a Limb (in which he played himself), is embarking on a “major seminar tour around the coun­try, according to a recent interview in Body Mind Spirit magazine. He says that the seminars are “a natural extension of my work as expressed in my [new] book Spirit Communication: The Soul’s Path.”

In this book, published by Bantam, Ryerson compares channeling to a radio broadcast. If two stations are competing for the same frequency on the radio, he tells us, by slightly adjusting the dial we can tune down one channel and the other will come in more clearly. “Kevin Ryer­son,” he says, is the channel that gets tuned down; this allows the other frequen­cy (spirit entities) to come through. Ryer­son provides readers with guidelines on how to “adjust the tuning” so that they —like he — can become channels.

Ryerson says his seminars are specifi­cally designed to guide people through exercises that can help them experience what he has outlined in the book. Chan­neling, he contends, can be used to help meet the needs of the human family.

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