What Is Homophobia?


Joseph P. Gudel

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Apr 13, 2023


Apr 22, 2009

The following is an excerpt from article DH055-1 from the Christian Research Journal. The full article can be viewed by clicking the link below the excerpt.


Homophobia is defined in The Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex as the “fear, dislike, or hatred of homosexuals.”3 The Greek word phobia denotes an “irrational fear.” The word homo literally means “same,” but the word is frequently used as a shortened form of homosexual — one who is sexually attracted to his or her own sex. Thus, strictly speaking, homophobia denotes an irrational fear or hatred of homosexuals. However, the gay rights movement (and, by-and-large, the media) places this label on anyone who opposes any of the movement’s goals and objectives; specifically, anyone opposing the full acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle as healthy and “normal.” While indeed there are many people who hate or irrationally fear homosexuals, to say that anyone who opposes the homosexual lifestyle or disagrees with the gay rights political agenda is a homophobe is simply not true. This tactic is clearly intended to divert attention from the argument and onto the person. As we will see below, there are many who oppose homosexuality on psychological, sociological, medical, and moral grounds.

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