Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:

Hank’s Monologues:

  • Hank opens the broadcast by countering Bart Ehrman’s accusations that the Bible is unreliable. Hank also mentions the book Why People Stop Believing by Paul Chamberlain, a CRI resource for July. Hank also discussed suicide, that according to an article he read, is on the rise due to global warming. Hank reminds his listeners that suicide is the murder of a human being created in the image of God. Hank has been asked if suicide is the unforgivable sin. His response is that the unforgiveable sin is the ongoing rejection of Jesus Christ, not any single moral failure.

Questions and Answers:

  • What is a Biblical perspective on marrying outside of one’s race?
  • What do you say to someone who says that Jesus did not claim to be God?
  • Can believers speak or pray in tongues by their own will and initiative, or must speaking in tongues be initiated and led by the Holy Spirit?

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