Cup in Sunlight

Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:

Hank’s Prologue:

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Questions and Answers:

  • Is there a difference between the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions, and communion in the Protestant traditions?
  • In the OT in the Mosaic law, God talked about blessings and curses following to the third generation. Is this still true since Christ came?
  • What are the traditions that Christians are to hold fast to?
  • When you pass on, do you go straight to heaven?
  • How did the virgin Mary become pregnant, and why did God choose this way to come into the world?
  • How did your conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy affect your relationship with your children?
  • Can you help me understand Jesus words not to call anyone father?
  • My girlfriend and I have been together for many years and have three children together. Since I became a Christian, I’ve wanted to get married, but she does not. Can I lose my salvation over this?

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