Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:

Hank’s Prologue:

  • Hank recounts the words of Christian author Os Guinness. No matter how grand a civilization may be, there is an ultimate flimsiness. If you view Washington, DC from the heights of Capitol Hill, it would seem that we will be around forever. Yet if you view Rome from the Palatine Hill, you will see the remains of a once proud republic that has fallen into ruin—a poignant reminder of how fragile civilization is, and how near we are to losing our inheritance. We are facing totalitarianism from multiple fronts. Who will stand in the gap? Winning back the West won’t be done by a politician; it will be done by people like you and me who are willing to stand for truth no matter what the cost.

Questions and Answers:

  • Do the variants between the Masoretic Text and the Septuagint change any of the doctrines of Scripture?
  • Must Christian parents provide an inheritance for their children?
  • I heard you say there were mistakes in the original King James Version; could you tell me in what chapter and verse these mistakes appear?
  • Since the destruction of the temple in AD 70, how do Jews atone for their sins?
  • What is your opinion of Paul Twitchell?
  • Why do you criticize Joel Osteen?
  • I attend a Methodist church that has appointed a homosexual bishop and use slavery as their argument. How can I address this with them?
  • What verses led you to the idea that Cain’s sacrifice was not accepted because of the disposition of his heart?
  • As far as biblical prophecy is concerned, what difference does it make whether we vote for Hillary or Trump? The book of Revelation doesn’t mention the church or America.

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