On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank interviews cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace regarding his book, God’s Crime Scene. When looking at the universe, Hank and detective Wallace discuss the trap of making assumptions based on presuppositions without really digging into the evidence. God’s Crime Scene offers several, real crime scene scenarios to give readers different skill sets they can apply to discovering the origin of the universe. Wallace encourages listeners to do what he does, that is, collect the evidence in a neutral way and allow that evidence to lead to the truth.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • Which member of the Trinity should we address in prayer?
  • I keep falling into the sin of lust. Are there limits to God’s forgiveness according to Matthew 18:21-22?
  • What happens to unbelievers after death?
  • What do you think of Perry Stone?
  • Have archaeologists found bones of Old Testament saints?
  • Can you explain what it means to cast pearls before swine? Should I stop speaking with friends who claim to be Christians but do live like it?
  • My husband and I want to tithe, but we live in a town with a lot of Mormon churches. Do you know of an organization that contributes to God’s chosen children?

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