September 3, 2009

Hank has a conversation with a parent trying to dialogue with a son who is challenging his dad’s faith.

Topics discussed:

  • Son is being taught Darwinian evolution in school. Thinks Adam and Eve is a fairy tale. (0:31)
  • Son draws upon people like Einstein and others with degrees in physics. Thinks belief in God is infantile. (5:30)
  • Son does not want to go to heaven, for the idea of knowing someone suffering in hell would make his heaven a hell (9:28).
  • Son says the miraculous thing about the universe is there are no miracles. Everything follows an order. (14:16)
  • Son still prays to God at night. Says he still wants to believe. Thinks the God he prays to is greater than the God of the Quran or Bible. Says the God he believes in is inclusive (16:29)
  • Son has two friends, a Muslim and a Jew, both raised in religious families. They have an influence upon him. He asks why should I believe in the Bible and not their book? (22:07)
  • Force son to go to church and hope that someday he will come around. Does not want to lose son to the Devil (24:47)
  • Evolutionist having an agenda in promoting evolution (27:20)
  • Son has friends who are of a different religion and wonders why they go to hell and why a just God would send them there (31:01)
  • Son wonders why not sufficient to love God and the universe (i.e. birds, trees, nature) and the necessity to ascribe particulars about god (33:33)
  • Son believes in God but thinks that giving God a name is unnecessary. No need to use names like God or Allah. But rejects doctrines of every faith (34:37)

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