December 21, 2010

Hank shares on the first Advent, the continuing Advent, and the second Advent of Jesus Christ (0:52)

Questions / Comments

  • Jeremiah 10 and the prohibition against the Christmas tree (3:49)
  • Hank interviews Dr. Clay Jones on his article “Killing the Canaanites: A Response to the New Atheism’s ‘Divine Genocide’ Claims (20:35)
  • Piercing Jesus on the side in John 19:33. What does the blood and water represent? (39:11)
  • God’s holiness and sin. If sin cannot be in God’s presence, what about the Book of Job mentioning Satan being in heaven? (42:04)
  • Adam was the first man created? Two Adams? Christ is the Second Adam? (44:38)
  • Is there a benefit from reading non-canonical writings? (47:45)