Bishop Carlton Pearson

Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:
Hank’s Prologue:

  • Hank discusses the views of Bishop Carlton Pearson. Pearson has supposedly received direct communication from God stating that Universalism is the truth regarding soteriology—the salvation not only of believers, but of the whole world.

Questions and Answers:

  • When Jesus said, “It is finished” on the cross, did He willingly give up His life, or did He die as a result of the physical trauma He suffered?
  • What was the fate of King Saul?
  • What happened when God took His Spirit from David and from Sampson?
  • When I read passages in the Old Testament such as Exodus 21, I become really uncomfortable and have trouble wrapping my mind around it. Why does God appear so harsh in the Old Testament?
  • God says in Isaiah 45:7 that He creates everything, including evil. How should that impact us when we pray according to Matthew 6:13?

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