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Confused Man

Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (08/02/2018) includes the following topics:

Hank’s Prologue:

  • Hank shares his thoughts on an article in the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL titled “Doubt as Virtue: How to Doubt and Have Faith without Exploding.” The author of the article, Travis Dickinson, encourages readers not to ignore their doubts, but address them directly. When encountering supposed discrepancies such as the different accounts of the women at the tomb conveyed in the Gospels, you shouldn’t immediately jump ship, but rather give Scripture the benefit of the doubt. You should also evaluate your doubts: is it really a viable objection? Is it a reasonable doubt? By exploring your doubts, you will gain more knowledge and an even greater faith.

Questions and Answers:

  • What were the ages of the apostles when Jesus called them?
  • The Bible says that Job was upright and perfect; does this mean he was actually a perfect human?
  • Does the will of God always come to pass or can the free will of man thwart Him? Or are there different wills of God?
  • Does God always answer our prayers? If you pray for healing and it’s not God’s will to heal you, will He let you die?
  • Can you explain the parable of the shrewd steward in Luke chapter 16?
  • Can you comment on the flood stories that supposedly predate the biblical account?
  • In light of all the unrest in the Middle East, what is the New Testament view of war, and how should Christians feel about it?
  • If God loves everyone equally, why does He allow sickness and suffering?

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