Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:

Hank’s Prologue:

  • Hank shares another first: Facebook Live Q&A on the Bible Answer Man Facebook page. The live Q&A went for about an hour. Hank enjoyed the new format, and looks forward to this as a new way to engage and dialogue with his listening audience.

Questions and Answers:

  • What is the age of the earth, and who created dinosaurs?
  • Why did God leave room for people to doubt His existence?
  • Could you help me understand David’s statement, “I’ve never see the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread?”
  • Doesn’t the Bible teach that the flood destroyed all life, including dinosaurs? How can you hold an old-earth view in light of scripture?
  • Please discuss the Lake of Fire as a literary device.
  • What do you believe about the Intercontinental Church of God?

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