On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank welcomes Carl Amari, President and CEO of Falcon Picture Group to discuss a new resource entitled, Five Books of John, a dramatic audio presentation of the Apostle John’s writings with LEGACY book introductions by Hank.

Hank also answers questions on the following topics:

  • What is the evidence for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit? Is speaking in tongues the only evidence?
  • Is there a difference between grace and mercy?
  • How did Hebrews recognize the Old Testament canon?
  • If angels can manifest themselves physically, does that mean demons can as well?
  • What is the biblical basis for baby dedications?
  • What is your opinion of Charles Filmore and Unity School of Christianity?
  • Will Satan torture people in hell for eternity, or will they go into the lake of fire and disappear?
  • Was Jesus wrong about mustard seeds?
  • If demons cannot take on physical form, how did they mate with women in Genesis chapter 6?

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