Earth Melting Into Water

Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:

Hank’s Prologue:

  • Hank notes that EPA Chief Scott Pruitt is questioning the facts concerning climate change. Al Gore considers global warming to be the single greatest threat facing our planet. Hank reminds us that consensus science can be wrong, just like Y2K. We need to be willing and able to ask the correct questions in the correct order.

Questions and Answers:

  • A caller yesterday said she read the bible, prayed, and shared Christ with others. She was concerned that her mother didn’t. What about her mother? Does she need to do these things as well?
  • How is the activity of the Holy Spirit different since Pentecost vs. in the Old Testament?
  • I have friends who have seen The Shack. What is your take on the book and the movie?
  • The bible says somewhere that man will try to take the credit or blame for things that happen in the end-times, but global warming is something that happens periodically. Doesn’t this seem to be a denial that God is in control?
  • I’m a first time caller, but have been listening for over 15 years. My husband is a new believer and asks: Since Noah’s ark preserved all the animals, what about the fish? How were the fish preserved?
  • There is a ministry in Thomaston, Georgia called Be In Health. Do you know anything about this ministry?
  • In Matthew 11:23-24, Jesus mentions cities where miracles occurred. If Sodom could have been saved, why didn’t God provide them with the things necessary to bring them to repentance and salvation? Is there an application for today?
  • I saw the movie The Shack last night. I think there are some missteps, but overall it’s a beautiful story. What is your perspective?

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