On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank welcomes Dr. Larry Johnston to talk once more about CRI’s Going Global initiative: a ten year strategy to equip Mandarin and Spanish speaking Christians across the globe in the areas of Apologetics, Biblical Literacy, and Countering the Cults. There is explosive growth in the Global South, but converts there are sorely lacking in discernment and basic theological knowledge. Intense research and planning has gone into this initiative and the key focus right now is for CRI to strengthen its stakes here at home so it will be empowered to reach the world. This enormous task cannot be done in the flesh, which is why CRI is inviting listeners to stand with the ministry in faithful prayers and support.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • What areas of apologetics will you focus on with your Going Global initiative?
  • Was the Apostle John boiled in oil?
  • How can I respond to the Oneness Pentecostal view of baptism, and why does the book of Acts emphasize baptism in Jesus’ name?
  • Can you clarify the idea that the Bible was not written to us, but for us?
  • Does the Bible speak about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah?
  • What can we do to protect ourselves against the Antichrist?

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