On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank welcomes Carl Amari, President and CEO of Falcon Picture Group to discuss a dramatic audio presentation of the Apostle John’s writings with LEGACY book introductions by Hank called the Five Books of John.

Hank also answers questions on the following topics:

  • Can you clarify your view of the sons of God in Genesis chapter 6?
  • Which one of your books would you most highly recommend?
  • What is middle knowledge and do you hold to that view? It seems like this view espouses the idea that out of millions of possible worlds, God chose to create the one world that was best suited to man’s free will.
  • How can I know if God is calling me into the ministry? Was there anything in your life that guided you into ministry?
  • My Pentecostal family members sometimes speak in tongues, but it doesn’t sound like a real language. Is this biblical? Will they still go to heaven even though they do this in the wrong way?
  • How do I defend the uniqueness of Christianity against those who claim it borrows from mystery religions? Do the Sumerian writings predate the Bible?

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