Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:
Hank’s Prologue:

  • Hank highlights what the ferocity of today’s secularist intolerance is doing to people of faith, as well as the sexual revolution’s founding principles of pleasure and self-will. If we, the people of the divided West, are ever going to get out of the divisive and intolerant mess we are in, we must first understand how we got here. Mary Eberstadt’s book, It’s Dangerous to Believe tells this story.

Questions and Answers:

  • Is Matthew 24:29 referring to what happens right after the destruction of the second temple? Is verse 31 talking about Jesus’ second coming?
  • When Jesus quotes from Psalm 22 on the cross, many say there’s a separation between the Father and the Son at that point. Can you explain what’s going on there and why it’s important that there isn’t a separation in the Trinity?
  • Where does the Bible say that God hates divorce? I want to reconcile with my wife, but she says she’s spiritual but not religious.
  • What is the New Perspective on Paul, and is this something the church needs to embrace?
  • Doesn’t the story of Jacob and Rachel show Jacob’s lack of faith since he didn’t trust God to provide children through Rachel?
  • In the New Testament we are told that no one has seen God, but in Exodus 24:10, it says that Moses and others saw God. Did they see a Theophany of Jesus?
  • With all the things taking place in the Middle East, how close do you think we may be to the return of Jesus?
  • What is your view on Purgatory? What about when Lazarus died; where did he go? What about the book of Maccabees in this regard?

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