Muslim Praying

Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:
Hank’s Monologues:

  • Hank mentions his latest Hank Unplugged podcast with Dr. Johnathan Witt. Hank and Dr. Witt discussed poverty, foreign aid, science, scientism, and much more. Please take the time to rate and share these podcasts. Hank also discusses the increasing number of parents who refuse to refer to their children by their biological sex, instead treating them as “gender neutral” until these children choose their sexual identity for themselves. Additionally, Hank talks about the growing Islamification of Europe. Birth control, abortion, and same-sex sexuality are leading to the death of Europe as we have known it, as Islam fills in the vacuum left behind.

Questions and Answers:

  • Is the doctrine that in the Lord, we have the ability to “declare” healing upon ourselves a false teaching? Does the failure to be healed always mean we have sin in our lives?
  • What can you tell me about the Plymouth Brethren? Are they Christian?
  • Given the various marriage practices throughout the world, throughout history, would it be wrong for a man in a polygamous marriage to divorce his “extra” wives upon becoming a Christian? Or in ancient Greece, incestuous brother/sister marriages?
  • I am a Christian Armenian who was able to get out of Lebanon. The Islamification of Lebanon and Europe is happening in America today, with Islamists using our freedoms to become leaders in America with the eventual goal of changing laws to favor their worldview.
  • I am very troubled by Joseph Prince’s teachings on repentance and the 2nd coming of Christ. What are your thoughts?

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