On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank welcomes director, producer, and writer Lad Allen to discuss the latest film he has produced titled, King of Creation: Meditations on God’s Wisdom & Works.

Hank also answers questions on the following topics:

  • Can I give to your ministry or must I give my tithe only to the church?
  • When we die our spirit goes to be with the Lord, so why does 1 Thessalonians 4:16 say the dead will rise? What does it mean that the dead will rise?
  • I feel called to protect God’s trees. Do you think it is okay to be a tree-hugger?
  • Have you seen the debate between creationist Howard Conder and Richard Dawkins? How old do you believe the earth is, and how should one respond to Christians who think the earth is 6,000 years old?
  • How can I know for sure that I am going to heaven?

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