August 6, 2009

Does capitalism promote greed? Can a person follow Jesus’s call to love others and also support capitalism? Was our recent economic crisis caused by flaws inherent to our free market system? Jay Richards presents a new approach to capitalism, revealing how it’s fully consistent with Jesus’s teachings and the Christian tradition, while also showing why this system is our best bet for renewed economic vigor.

Interview with Jay Richards on Money, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism is the Solution and not the Problem


  • Was not the early Christian church socialist? (4:32)
  • Cap and trade (to reduce carbon emissions) a good idea? (6:59)
  • Using discernment in asking good questions about “Global Warming” (9:44)
  • Wisdom on the Global Warming initiatives effects on the poor and downtrodden (12:16)
  • Address concern on modern universal health care in relation to the health care program setup by Vladimir Lenin that bankrupted the Soviet Union (23:24)
  • Do US Congressmen understand the problems with cap and trade along with universal health care? (24:58)
  • Does President Barack Obama know and understand about economics? (29:34)
  • Listening to politicians speak on making a Utopia. Is it possible to have an economic collapse in the future? (39:03)
  • The essence of wealth and the materialist myth (44:44)