August 5, 2009

Does capitalism promote greed? Can a person follow Jesus’s call to love others and also support capitalism? Was our recent economic crisis caused by flaws inherent to our free market system? Jay Richards presents a new approach to capitalism, revealing how it’s fully consistent with Jesus’s teachings and the Christian tradition, while also showing why this system is our best bet for renewed economic vigor.

Interview with Jay Richards on Money, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism is the Solution and not the Problem

Topics Discussed:

  • Elaboration on the hell of Socialism (6:18)
  • Is present economic chaos the product of greedy capitalism truth or fiction? (8:55)
  • How to get past the fact that three of the richest people in the world controlling more wealth than 600 million people throughout the world? (12:40)
  • Many have cut their economic teeth on Jim Wallace, Ron Sider and Tony Campolo. They write and speak on the redistribution of wealth. But they are inherently flawed? (21:32)
  • Address the war on poverty creating an economic and social crisis worse than the problem? (23:59)
  • Bono, Willie Nelson and music festivals raising money for Africa and so forth (e.g. the One Campaign), are they raising lots of money and creating better conditions? (26:22)
  • Capitalism only viable system for it takes into account the fallen state of mankind? (28:32)
  • For those who contend for wealth redistribution on account of greed of capitalism, why hand more control over money to governments? (30:58)
  • How to say capitalism is good? Is not capitalism about greed? (39:47)
  • Talk about the myth of the Roman Empire was built upon Classical Greek thought but when Roman Empire fell came the Dark Ages with the rise of Christianity until the Renaissance and rebirth of Classical Greek thought (41:38).
  • What happens to capitalism without secure property rights and contracts violated by the government? (46:13)