March 16, 2011

Hank Hanegraaff continues the interview with Joel Kramer of Living Hope ministries on the problems with the theological claims of the Book of Mormon.

Questions / Comments

  • Since there are lots of scientific problems with the Old Testament, why ignore that and only look at the problems with the Book of Mormon? (11:18)
  • I’m LDS (Latter-day Saints). All I hear you say is to go to man for answers. But we say read the Book of Mormon and the Bible, then pray to Heavenly Father, and get the answer. (23:55)
  • I prayed over the Book of Mormon and had an experience. Mormons are friendly and kind. Then I head God turned people black because they were evil. I told the Mormon class I met with, and they asked me to leave their class. But Mormons changed their views on God turning evil men black (31:14)
  • DNA testing is a good idea. Were DNA test done on South American Native Americans? (39:19)
  • Re: DNA testing. I met a scientist who does the same kind of work, and he confirms what you are saying. (41:19)
  • If you are baptized into the Mormon religion, the find out you were misled, then go to another religion, what happens to you? (44:03)
  • Where do you (Joel) claim to get expertise on the LDS religion? (46:09)