July 29, 2009

Tonight’s show is the second hour of Dr. Mangalwadi’s time with Hank Hanegraaff.

Born and educated in India, Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi is an international lecturer, social reformer, and has authored or co-authored 13 books and lectured in 30 countries. When his remarkable work with the poor in central India sent him to jail, he was motivated to study how the West became a relatively just, free, and prosperous civilization. These 11 lectures, based on his forthcoming book, present his conclusion that the Bible is the soul of Western civilization.

To order the 1 disc MP3 of the 11 lectures, click here.

Topics Discussed: If you are to be “salt and light” in a world that has lost its saltiness, if you are to be “a light on a hill,” you need to be informed though Must the Sun Set on the West (1:27). The cognitive dissonance between Darwinian Evolutionary paradigm and human equality (3:23). The irony of modern society seeing Christianity as irrational when the reality is the rationality of Christianity that provided the innovations, inventions, and science (7:47). The story of a sandcastle by a boy named David (22:17). Discussion on the lecture on “From Paul to Paris Hilton: Can a Defeated Messiah Save Hollywood Heroes” (25:04). The Bible is the DNA of Western Civilization (30:40). Standing against the revival of the cultural practice of widow burning in India (39:50). Why science grew up in the West (41:57).