March 25, 2011

Hank interviews William Lane Craig about On Guard — a great resource for equipping you to defend your faith! (1:00)

Questions / Comments

  • Is not the word “apologetics” a poor choice for designating the defense of the faith for sound like were apologizing for everything? (21:11)
  • Need help with providing skeptical friend with evidence for the resurrection and the martyrdom of the disciples (23:27)
  • I need help supporting the age of accountability from the Scriptures? (27:50)
  • Debating skeptical co-worker openly bashes Christians on the historical accuracy of the Bible (38:51)
  • Why did King David take the census? (42:08)
  • Are we in the Great Tribulation? Is salvation a lottery wherein on 200 million people will be saved? (46:19)