On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank answers the following questions:

  • Do Christians believe in an eternal family like Mormons?
  • What are your thoughts on Steven Furtick, the pastor of Elevation?
  • I read an article in the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL about Jephthah’s daughter; was she condemned to a life of celibacy instead of being sacrificed?
  • In the Bible, was there ever just one race of people?
  • What is the dividing line between a true Christian and someone following a cult? What would you say about the seeker-friendly movement; have they changed the gospel?
  • How will someone looking at creation in say, Congo, understand that he is a sinner and needs salvation through Jesus?
  • How does one go about increasing their faith?
  • Are peaceful Muslims equivalent to lukewarm Christians?
  • When talking about the Lord’s Supper, can you explain what you mean by “energy”? Do you believe that the elements are the real body and blood of Christ?

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