On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank answers questions on the following topics:

  • What are your thoughts on Joel Osteen and other ministers in light of Luke 9:49-50? If they are preaching in Jesus’ name, is that okay?
  • I read an article in the New York Times claiming that 400,000 year-old human fossils were found. How does this fit with the biblical account of creation?
  • How should we reconcile Romans 3:10-12, where Paul says no one seeks for God, and Acts 17:26-27, where he seems to say the opposite?
  • My wife and I are divorced and she is seeing someone else. Is it okay for me to still want to reconcile with her?
  • Is there any biblical evidence for cessationism? What about those today who claim to perform miracles but their preaching is heretical?
  • Is it possible for a Christian to continually struggle with sin; even living in defeat, and yet still be saved? Is there an additional infilling of the Holy Spirit which gives you extra power?

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