On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank answers questions on the following topics:

  • If we use the word tested instead of tempted in Matthew chapter 4, wouldn’t this harmonize the rest of Scripture, which states that God cannot be tempted?
  • Why did Jesus curse the fig tree? Why does the passage go on to say that it wasn’t the season for fruit if the application is about not bearing fruit as we should?
  • Why do many modern Christian books not capitalize the word He when referring to God?
  • Who were the Magi? How would they have known about the star and its meaning?
  • Could you give some insight about the Documentary Hypothesis, JEDP?
  • Can Satan read our thoughts? If not, why does he seem to know exactly how to tempt us? Is it wrong then to pray or confess our sins out loud?
  • Could the Magi have gotten their information from Daniel chapter 9?
  • Could you clarify your definition of the gospel given on page 318 of your book Christianity in Crisis?

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