On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast Hank answers questions on the following topics:

  • Am I doing a disservice to my children by raising them in secular America?
  • I have a friend who thinks Acts 16:31 teaches that because he is saved, his wife is saved as well. Can you help me explain this to him?
  • Does the word cult accurately describe Mormonism?
  • How do I respond to a skeptic who says that God is immoral because He commanded Israel to commit genocide?
  • Is it possible to build up your faith enough so that you can move mountains according to Matthew 21:21-22?
  • Can you tell me what the Moravian church teaches? Are they similar to Unitarians?
  • My father-in-law is a part of the Philadelphia Church of God. How can I show him the errors of this movement?
  • If the only choice we have is either to go to heaven or hell, is that really a choice?

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