March 1, 2010

Hank shares on the Book of Job being a particularly enlightening book. Job was the subject on a stern test of faith. He was indisputably the greatest man of faith alive. God declared that Job’s faith was real faith. Satan’s claim was Job’s faith was fickle faith. Job not only passed the test of faith with flying colors, but demonstrated the remarkable depth of his faith…. (0:32)

Questions / Comments

  • Work at a salon. Sharing love of God with my clients. Getting pressure to stop from those offended and employer. Should I stop talking about God to clients? (15:52)
  • Organize a weekly prayer group with siblings. Sister dabbling in Scientology. She brought another into the cult. How to witness to them? Continue prayer group? (21:50)
  • I commend Irwin Baxter on dialoguing. But has an agenda driven eschatology. But refuses to discuss with me concerns. (30:22)
  • Churches attended never address sexual immorality. Confused about the silence. (32:37)
  • 17-year-old stepdaughter came out as gay. What Scriptures can I show her?  (36:19)
  • Sone came to faith at 5-years-old. Can that possibly happen?  (45:54)
  • Do you know of some good Bible dictionaries? (48:34)
  • Malachi 3 requires tithing? Passage just for Old Testament times? (50:32)